With expertise and insistence against stingy insurances


With expertise and insistence against stingy insurances


Darwiche automotive engineering office opens in Worms city center

At the beginning of November, the Darwiche automotive engineering office for damage and assessment celebrated its opening in Siegfried Street. Accident victims will find competent advice and support here in the future, with a special focus on pitfalls in accident settlement.

In the case of liability damage, the injured party always has the right to an independent motor vehicle expert. You should insist on this in the event of damage, also explains Ing. Mouhamed Darwiche, who has set up his own engineering office as an expert. Insurance companies are increasingly offering claimants the option of submitting photos of the vehicle damage themselves via apps or websites, or of hiring their own experts. In this case, it is up to the opposing insurance company to determine the amount of the damage. For injured parties, this is a potential pitfall in the claims settlement, also finds Mouhamed Darwiche. The owner of the engineering office says: “Cases are known, in which large insurance companies pursue their own interests and accident victims are left out in the cold. It is important for me to educate my clients about these practices.”

Insurance companies skimp at the expense of injured motorists?

“There are some pitfalls” explains Mouhamed Darwiche “that you should avoid after an accident. It is easy to unknowingly lose money in the event of a claim.”. As a rule, insurance companies are required by law to put the other party in a position in the event of a third-party liability claim that is not their fault as if the traffic accident had never happened. Claims for rental cars, apparently indiscriminate reductions of the damage sum and the accident-conditioned depreciation or long delay: The employees of the engineer's office Darwiche know, which tricks in the damage case could be used, in order to save money. The concept of the expert therefore relies on technical competence combined with advice and clarification of pitfalls in the settlement of accidents.

One of the most common mistakes: hiring the wrong expert

Many injured parties are not aware that not all experts are the same. In principle, expert or motor vehicle assessor are not protected terms. In principle, anyone can become an expert for motor vehicles, which is why the range of services on the market is relatively unregulated. However, there are some legally protected terms and clues that can help injured parties find the right help in the event of a claim.
Qualified experts should always be certified by a trusted institution. This includes certification by TuV Rheinland, for which prospective experts must pass a training process and examinations over a period of several months. Certifications are important because the form and credibility of an expert's report also determine whether the insurance company will readily accept the amount of the loss. This is especially true if a claim is taken to court.
It is even more important that the appointed expert acts independently, emphasizes Ing. Mouhamed Darwiche. Independence in this case refers to the cooperation of an expert with the opposing insurance company. Insurance companies often offer the injured party the uncomplicated option of having the appraisal carried out by their own expert. The assumption is that experts who prepare an expert opinion on behalf of an insurance company also represent the interests of the insurance company. As an injured party, you can avoid this pitfall if you exercise your right to an independent expert.
“I am often asked by customers whether there is a difference between normal experts and a motor vehicle engineer” explains Mouhamed Darwiche. “As an engineer, I have more possibilities compared to normal experts. This includes accident reconstruction. Through a previous master's degree in mechanical engineering, I can also demonstrate a technical qualification without a doubt. I like to explain the difference with the following comparison: If you have a skin rash, you probably go to a dermatologist and not to a beautician.”

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