Which travel insurances are recommended for great britain??

Which travel insurances are recommended for great britain??

Great Britain is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s no wonder that around 3 million Germans set off each year to explore the British Isle. This is not surprising, as the UK has a lot to offer: from a city break in one of the major cities such as London, Manchester or Edinburgh, to an extended golf vacation in Scotland, some of which are considered the best golf courses in Europe, or following in the footsteps of Harry Potter and visiting not only the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London, but also other filming locations such as King’s Cross Station, Gloucester Cathedral or Leadenhall Market.

We have listed you the travel insurances, which are recommended for a vacation.

Health insurance abroad in Great Britain

As mentioned in the previous post, you can use the European Health Insurance Card of your public health insurance, since agreements between the European Union and the United Kingdom allow this. However, you have to expect long waiting times and additional costs for certain treatments and the higher administrative fees that the health insurance company will charge for. Accordingly, it makes sense to take out private health insurance abroad, which reimburses all additional costs and also allows for medical repatriation to Germany, if this should be necessary.

The most important benefits include:

  • outpatient and inpatient treatment in Great Britain
  • medical repatriation to Germany (if reasonable and justifiable)
  • dental treatments

Travel liability and accident insurance

liability claims can become very expensive very quickly. British houses are often older than German homes and have some features that are “typically British. U.a., sockets can be switched on and off, and hot water is usually also heated by boilers located in the utility closet. Houses often include a fireplace, which is popular for decorative purposes. It quickly happens that you sweep something off the mantelpiece and the damage is done. Therefore, it is advisable to have liability insurance, which protects you against claims for damages from third parties.

In Great Britain, traffic drives on the left, so that an accident on the road can happen very quickly. Once looked in the wrong direction before crossing the street and it happened. Therefore, accident insurance is a useful addition for a stay in the UK. While the international health insurance protects you from high additional costs, the travel accident insurance protects you from high costs in case of an accident.

The most important benefits include:

  • Daily hospital allowance for inpatient treatment
  • Convalescence allowance after discharge from full inpatient treatment
  • Disability benefit in case of permanent impairment due to accident

Travel cancellation insurance including travel interruption insurance

A travel cancellation insurance reimburses you the costs in case of a serious reason for travel cancellation. Reasons for cancellation include u.a. Accidents, serious illnesses, a death in the family, complications in pregnancy, as well as a vaccination intolerance with a strong vaccination reaction. It is important that you always can prove the reason. In case of illness and pregnancy by a medical certificate, in case of death by the death certificate. Travel cancellation insurance then covers the cancellation costs incurred when a trip is canceled. Meanwhile, travel interruption insurance covers the costs if you have to break off the trip prematurely for an important reason.

Baggage insurance

Luggage insurance is useful if you have valuable items with you. For example, if you are carrying a laptop, camera or high-value jewelry with you. The insurance pays if your luggage is damaged while traveling (accident, fire, storm, …), in case of loss by the airline, and in case of theft. As a rule of thumb: the more valuable the luggage, the more important the luggage insurance is.


A vacation should always serve the recovery of body and soul. But due to a variety of factors, vacation can quickly turn into a stressful event. In order to avoid this, it makes sense to take out additional insurances. Of the above travel insurance policies, overseas health insurance is the one you should definitely take out. With the other travel insurances it depends very much on the kind of your vacation.

  • Our tip: If you want to take out more than one travel insurance policy, always look out for additional packages on offer, as this can save you money.

Our travel insurances for a nice vacation

  • Travel safely at home and abroad
  • Individual or group rates can be selected
  • Intuitive online administration portal
  • Multiple awards

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