Which additional insurance makes sense?

The motor vehicle liability is, as the name suggests, an insurance for vehicle owners in Germany is mandatory. The fully and partially comprehensive insurance are voluntary supplementary insurance with which you are actually already well covered, or?

But there are other additional insurances like the foreign damage protection, the passenger accident insurance, the protection letter or the malorcapolice, which should close gaps to the above mentioned insurances! Do you need the so-called additional insurances or. Private insurance? This category should clarify which additional insurances are useful, which ones you need and which ones you can do without!

Here we take a closer look at the well-known supplementary insurances:

Foreign damage protection


Which additional insurance makes sense?


This is an additional benefit. It takes effect if the driver was involved in an accident through no fault of his own. The foreign damage protection is a great help if the coverage of the other party is too low. The coverage of the insurances in foreign countries (Europe and other countries) is often not on the German level! Who does not have this supplementary insurance, runs the risk of being stuck with the damage!

Passenger accident insurance


Which additional insurance makes sense?


Passenger accident insurance is effective if the driver or passengers in a vehicle are injured in an accident. It does not matter who caused the accident. But do you really need this insurance? In the event of a self-inflicted accident, the passengers are protected by the liability of the driver. However, the driver himself is not covered by this insurance, but by his health insurance. So why a supplementary insurance like the passenger accident insurance??

Mallorca policy



This additional insurance is for drivers who often travel in Europe with a rental car. In order to be properly insured in case of an accident, there is the so-called Mallorca policy, which is not only valid on the Spanish vacation island. With this policy, the minimum amount of coverage increases to the German level, which is significantly lower in countries such as Greece or Turkey.

Protective cover


Which additional insurance makes sense?


If you travel a lot and do not belong to an automobile club, the protection letter of an insurer is a useful supplement. Breakdown service, towing and the provision of a rental car, but also the organization of return transport in case of illness are among the benefits of these additional insurances. The best-known insurance provider is the German automobile club ADAC!

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