What to do in the event of a stone chip in the windshield?

What to do in the event of a stone chip in the windshield?

If the windshield is hit by the stone, it can affect the safety of the vehicle. If the stone has caused a chipped area or even a hole, not only the windshield but also the driver assistance system may be affected. Here’s what you should do if you get a rock chip in your windshield.

More is often affected by the stone chip

If a stone hits the windshield with force, this need not be large at all. Already small pebbles can unfold an unexpected effect and provide for an annoying damage. This is true even for almost inconspicuous-looking damaged areas: If they are in the area of a built-in camera, they can interfere with the function of driver assistance systems. The built-in cameras are often located in the upper areas of the windshield. If the windshield is hit by falling rocks, the sensitive systems may be so impaired that the values determined are no longer correct.

Scratches can also be dangerous

If you present your vehicle for the general inspection (HU) with a stone chip on the windshield, the inspector will consider this to be a significant defect, at least if the damage is within the driver’s field of vision. Even if minor damage outside the field of vision could be repaired, you should ask a specialist workshop for advice beforehand.

Repairs are only permissible:

  • If the damage is at least ten centimeters from the edge of the windshield
  • The damage is not bigger than a “two-euro-piece
  • If cracks have not yet formed
  • If the damage is not in the driver’s field of vision.

However, if there are cracks, crazing or even palpable scratches in the windshield, you should have it replaced. Otherwise, the damage may spread further and the window may shatter completely. Since the safety of the driver is not guaranteed in this way, no green light is given at the main inspection in such a case.

Replacement for vignettes and stickers

If the windshield is so damaged by stone chips that a replacement is advisable, the toll stickers or environmental badges located there are usually lost. Leave stickers and vignettes in place anyway: they are automatically destroyed if removed. Since the costs for the repair of the car glass are covered by the partial casco, some insurances are so accommodating and also cover the costs for the environmental badge. If you can prove the purchase of the vignette, you get free replacement in most countries. However, the effort required depends on the country in question. However, if you can present the receipt for the vignette already paid, the copy of the invoice from the workshop for the replacement of the windshield and the damaged vignette, there is usually nothing in the way of a replacement.

Drive carefully after replacement

If the windshield is professionally replaced by the workshop after a stone chip, the interior is first carefully covered and the frame exposed. The glued pane is then loosened and lifted out of the frame. Before garage employees install a new windshield, they remove all adhesive residue from the old windshield. Finally, the new windshield is inserted and glued with the help of a special adhesive. Afterwards, all parts removed for this purpose are fixed back in place. Our glue is after approx. cured sufficiently in an hour and the disc may be loaded again. However, you should still drive carefully with your vehicle: It takes up to 48 hours before the new windshield can be fully loaded. So until then, drive slowly, park the car only level, and don’t lift it on one side with either a lift or a jack. Even the car wash should not be visited until after these 48 hours have elapsed. Otherwise, cracks in the glue could lead to leaks in the windshield.

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