Weibenohe: paradise for hikers, nature lovers and beer connoisseurs

The initial niche program "vacation on the farm has grown more and more, not least thanks to the unique natural phenomenon of the sinter steps. "Together with the local and tourist association, the community has opened up the lillach valley in a new way", declares mayor rudi braun. The natural wonder of the sinter steps has made weibenohe well known and is therefore also a great attraction for the people of neuburg.

Surely the locals know their "treasure chest" although every peculiarity brings with it some unpleasant sides. The many parked cars, streams of visitors on sundays and holidays, but also more serious abuse, such as vandalism, show the dark side of the village. Many hiking trails converge in weibenohe, such as the frankenweg, which starts in thuringen, the kulturerlebnisweg and last but not least the "funf-seidla-steig".

"He has made weibenohe famous, but also brought more trouble. When, as in two years, 16 wall signs are removed, that's really annoying", explains HTV chairman michael stumpf. He recalls the many volunteers who work tirelessly to make the natural monument accessible to the general public and to preserve it for generations to come. Thus the hikers with 56 banks have numerous resting possibilities.

According to stumpf, the signposting and maintenance of the hiking trails, the grassing out or cutting down of the trees are only some of the tasks of the volunteers. He also praises the commitment of honorary chairman helmut braun, under whose inventive direction this support began. "Together much with and for each other", stumpf emphasizes the motto of the association, which stands parallel for the whole village community, because association and village life go hand in hand in weibenohe.

Theater and costumes
This can also be seen in the other groups of the HTV, which include the traditional costume group led by monika schwarz and also the theater group led by christine polster. The stage was built by the group itself, the performances are fully booked and with twelve amateur actors, who all like to act, the theater group has enough active members. The only drawback so far is the lack of new blood in the form of a children's group.

The trachtengruppe does not have this problem. There, young women also take part in parades and festivities in homemade costumes. "The 20-year-olds were there from the beginning and just kept going", says monika schwarz, referring to the age of the members, who range from seven to 76.

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