Usa road trip: the most important tips at a glance

Usa road trip: the most important tips at a glance

It is the dream vacation par excellence – a road trip through the USA. Self-determined discovering the most beautiful regions on the other side of the big pond and simply breathing the air of freedom – that’s what matters to vacationers. For the preparation it needs however a few important Tipps, so that the USA Roadtrip does not become the failure.

East or West? Where is the USA Roadtrip really worthwhile?

Get a taste of the USA in different regions? It’s possible, yet most road trippers choose between east or west. The West Coast may be called the most popular travel area without lie, cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles entice. There is also a lot to see on the West Coast, from National Parks to Death Valley. In the summer months mass tourism is not uncommon, on the roads of the USA then almost every second vehicle is a tourist van.

The East Coast is especially rewarding for city fans, with Miami, New York and even Philadelphia offering moments worth seeing. In summer it is pleasantly warm and a road trip of several weeks is well feasible. On the way back, it is worth stopping in Texas for a little mid-west feeling.

Don’t think too short – the road trip needs its time

When is the best time to travel to Canada or the U.S? This is not the only question you should ask yourself before a road trip. Decisive is also the question of how long you want to be on the road. As an average it can be said that a road trip under 14 weeks is not really profitable. The travel time from A to B alone is sometimes a day or more. So if you really want to take something home from your trip, plan for two or better even three weeks. If you can manage the costs, longer road trips are of course also a real treat.

Save money when eating out – thanks to drive-ins you will always be satiated quickly

The length of the stay is also a question of money. Straight Roadtripper profit from it, if they keep the costs low. Therefore, part of the optimal feeling is to make the drive-in counter your best friend during the trip. Yes, it’s not always healthy to enjoy burgers and burritos. On vacation you are on the road a lot and there it may be also times an unhealthy bargain.

Do not disregard gas station stores. In the U.S. not only the gas itself is much cheaper than in Germany, here you also get from salad to hot dog all kinds of delicacies. Forget the moon prices of local gas stations, in the USA food costs hardly more at gas stations than in the supermarket.

Conclusion: Well planned, the USA road trip is a spectacle

When planning your road trip, make sure you are well prepared. Get a visa in time, learn to read the road map and check your driver’s license. Do you still need to apply for a foreign passport? Is the foreign health insurance concluded and includes the return transport?? By the way: If you don’t have a driver’s license, you don’t have to give up your road trip. Buses and trains are well integrated in the USA and will get you safely from A to B (with longer travel times).

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