Ukrainian license plates remain permitted in saxony



In Saxony, refugees from Ukraine are now allowed to keep their license plates until June. A special rule was extended. Previously, the Ministry of the Interior had threatened to immobilize.

Since the beginning of the war, more and more cars with Ukrainian license plates can be seen on German roads. But that is likely to change soon, as a special rule to that effect is about to expire. The cars must then be registered in this country and have a German license plate number. Or not, because Saxony has unceremoniously extended the exemption until 30. June extended.

Cars with valid Ukrainian registration and sufficient liability insurance may participate in traffic until then, as Transport Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) explained in Dresden on Monday. “I am pleased that together we have been able to find an uncomplicated solution for those affected who are seeking protection with us, so that they can continue to be mobile in Germany without incurring major costs.”

Despite closure threat: Ukrainian license plates remain allowed in Saxony

Especially the sufficient liability insurance is an important factor. Until now, motorists were often left with nothing to pay in the event of an accident involving a car with Ukrainian license plates. This has been the case in more than 100 cases, writes Bild with reference to the German Insurance Association..

In Saxony, therefore, the threat has already been made to simply immobilize cars with Ukrainian license plates as soon as the special rule expires. “There is no more room for maneuver in this, we treat these vehicles like any other without valid registration or insurance, decommission them,” Saxony Interior Ministry explained at the request of Bild.

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