Trump criticizes germany over baltic sea pipeline

Last week, the federal maritime and hydrographic agency issued a permit for a 31-kilometer section in the waters of the exclusive economic zone, as did the stralsund mining authority. A subsidiary of the russian state-owned gazprom wants to start construction work this spring.

Germany is currently not fulfilling its nato obligations with defense spending of only one percent of gross domestic product, but is supporting russia in the pipeline project, trump said. The u.S. Is just under four percent in defense spending. According to nato decisions, member countries are supposed to contribute two percent, but at the moment very few of them are doing so.

The USA itself has economic interests in the region. The country exports gas to countries such as poland and lithuania and is actively courting more customers. Lithuania recently signed another supply deal to reduce its energy dependence on russia. The baltic states feel threatened by their rough neighbor. US president trump uses gas supplies as political leverage against moscow. "We are energy independent – this is not a big deal for russia," he said tuesday.

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