Travel tips flensburg – the northernmost city in germany


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


What to experience in Germany's northernmost city? We have summarized our travel tips for Flensburg for you here. Find out where to get the best fish sandwiches, where to find free parking and much more! There is a lot to experience and see in this Nordic city.

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One of our first stops on our tour of Germany was Flensburg. From Flensburg it is only 10 km to the Danish border. Accordingly, the Scandinavian style in Flensburg is clearly noticeable in the architecture, lifestyle and retail trade. This style and the Flensburg Fjord with its harbor make the city just super likeable for us, so we don't want to deprive you of our Flensburg travel tips.

Our top travel tips Flensburg

  • Stroll down the Oluf Samsons hallway
  • Stroll along the Flensburg Fjord
  • Eat a fish roll at Ben's Fischerbude
  • Marvel at the moated castle of Glucksburg
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet at the city beach Solitude

Old town of Flensburg

Since Flensburg was largely spared from the Second World War, you will find many historical buildings, interesting alleys and impressive buildings in the old town.

Probably the best known historical backyards are located in the "Red Road". In the past, this was the city's trade route, where everything was sold and the craftsmen and merchants lived. Even today, among all the small craft stores, charming boutiques and romantic restaurants, you can still feel that flair. Just let yourself drift and discover the many devotional details.

Some of the oldest buildings in the city can be found on the Sudermarkt. By the way, the weekly market has also been held here for 800 years, currently every Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


If you continue walking along the Holm, you will find yourself in the middle of the pedestrian zone. Here you have all kinds of shopping opportunities, but in contrast to the "Red Street" rather larger stores and the usual fashion chains. Always straight ahead you will eventually reach Nordermarkt. This old square invites you to stay and relax with its numerous restaurants and cafes. Afterwards, you should definitely take a walk along the Norderstrasse. There is a lot to discover on this diverse street. For example, hundreds of shoes dangling from the catenary wires of the old tramway, the origin of which is still unclear today.


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


You also pass the Oluf-Samsons-Gang, which was the city's entertainment mile between the 20s and 70s. Originally, the well-preserved, historic alley was built by the merchant Oluf Samson as housing for socially weaker fellow citizens. The alley leads you directly to the west side of Flensburg's harbor promenade.


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


Harbor promenade on the Flensburg Fjord

Of course, Flensburg's harbor promenade must not be missing from our travel tips. The western harbor promenade is home to the museum harbor with the museum shipyard. Through the association "Museumshafen Flensburg e.V."Traditional and historic sailing, motor and steam ships are built, repaired and restored here and, of course, kept in operation. In the shipyard cafe you can relax with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake and watch the volunteer shipyard workers at work.


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


On the east side of the harbor, above the promenade, you will find the former captain's quarter of the city. About the St.-You can reach the quiet, historic St. Jurgen by climbing the Jurgen staircase. Jurgen Quarter. At the top of the stairs, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Flensburg Fjord and then take a walk from the St. Jurgen church to the St. St. John's Church revel in times long past.


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


There are also several possibilities to explore Flensburg and the surrounding area by boat.

In the surroundings

There are also travel tips and things to discover around Flensburg. Especially the close proximity to Denmark has a special charm and is perfect for day trips. Unfortunately we were there during the Corona period, so the borders to Denmark were still closed for day tourists. But there is also something to see on the German side and we have summarized our travel tips for Flensburg's surroundings for you.

Solitude beach

Probably the most beautiful beach in the area is Solitude. A beautiful white sandy beach with plenty of space to enjoy undisturbed sunbathing or swimming. A small pier invites you to stroll around. We have experienced the beach almost deserted. In close proximity there is free parking, a restaurant, a playground and public toilets.


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


Glucksburg Castle

You can reach Glucksburg Castle by car from Flensburg in approx. 20 minutes drive, but also by bus or boat. The beautiful moated castle is not only one of the most famous sights in Schleswig-Holstein, but also one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. It is still owned by the Glucksburg ducal family, which is related to almost all noble families in Europe. At times, the castle even served the Danish royal family as a residence. The castle can be visited and there are various guided tours, as well as a museum (all for a fee).


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


Holnis northern tip

The northeast peninsula Holnis in the Flensburg Fjord belongs to the town of Glucksburg. The 6 km long island offers besides the lighthouse Holnis and a small sweet village, a long stretched beautiful sandy beach and a steep coast. The nature reserve on the beach is home to an important breeding colony of seabirds. Near Holnis pier is a Danish memorial with soldiers' graves, which commemorates a land-sea battle of 1848. Parking is in the middle of the island, so you have to walk the same distance everywhere you go.

Food and drink

An absolute must for every visit to Flensburg is a fish sandwich at Ben's Fischbude in the museum harbor. The long queue testifies to the ingenious taste of the freshly baked rolls. When Chris visited Flensburg for the first time in 2018, he was so excited that we had to come to Flensburg on our Germany tour just for the fish sandwiches alone!


Travel tips flensburg - the northernmost city in germany


If you would like to have a coffee or a piece of cake, you will find some cafes in the many side streets and backyards. We can recommend for example the Cafe Barista. The thrown together interior gives the cafe a very cozy feel and the cake is divine. Alternatively, a break in the coffee roastery in the Sonnenhof is worthwhile. The coffee is roasted by themselves and tastes simply delicious.


We booked a room in a private apartment in Flensburg with shared bathroom and kitchen through Airbnb. Our host was very friendly and gave us some good tips. The apartment was located in the south-east of Flensburg in the district Tarup. The district is ca. 6 km outside the city center and is located in the middle of the countryside. By car it was 5 minutes to the nearest supermarket and 15 minutes to the city center. The public transport in Flensburg is actually quite well developed and also the district Tarup well connected to the city center. At the time of our visit, however, the nearest stop was being rebuilt and was not being served.


Visiting the city center of Flensburg by car is not a problem. In the inner city area there are many well signposted and paid parking possibilities. But those who know us know that we like to look for free parking spaces. This time we got a great tip from our host and had to walk only one kilometer into town. Because in the residential areas and side streets near the city center, parking is usually free of charge. But make sure not to park in a residents' area.

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