Student types – cliche or fact? What uni outfits reveal about the field of study

Law students always wear polo shirts, social pedagogues are only in eco-sandals and design students are just totally hip. Recognizing the course of studies by the clothes of the fellow students – is that possible?? What is true, what is not true? We clear up the most common cliches about university outfits!


Student types - cliche or fact? What uni outfits reveal about the field of study


Law and business studies

Cliche: A male law student can be recognized by his polo shirt with the collar turned up and the gelled hair. This includes chic chino pants and sailing shoes. With the BWLern it can be also times a check shirt with jeans. The female faction is dressed in pearl earrings and a blouse. But the Longchamp bag, elegantly worn at the elbow, is a must. In addition, a braid or strict chignon – and the outfit is perfect. On cold days, both men and women wear a quilted jacket, preferably from British luxury brands. Often, a knitted sweater is casually draped around the shoulders.

Reality: This cliche is also very often fulfilled. Among law and business students there is a clear tendency to wear fancy clothes. Women are often spotted with ponytails, pearls in their ears and Longchamp bags. That these study law or BWL, however, is not said!


Cliche: design students create new and extravagant things – their clothing style is accordingly. Unusual brands of hip, young designers are welcome here. There is also a clear trend in hairstyles: Women wear a bun, men an undercut (as I said, fully hip and modern!). The necessary accessories like horn-rimmed glasses, jute bags and coffee-to-go cups complete the outfit.

Reality: This cliche is mostly fulfilled. Jute bag and horn-rimmed glasses are hard to imagine today's students without them. Among the designers there are many top-styled students, but also comfortable outfits are part of the game.


Cliche: Sports students are sporty, of course! So it's no wonder that many are running around in sweatpants and colorful nike shoes. It's like work clothes! A baseball cap and a hoodie, preferably from a cool sports brand, should also be worn. The girls always wear a pigtail and jewelry only disturbs here.

Reality: Those who study sports, of course, do not have to work out from morning till night. There are also lectures in which you have to listen and take notes like any other student. That's why there are a lot of sports students who dress athletically, but still suitable for everyday life. Jeans, shirts and even earrings are often seen here.

Pedagogy and social studies

Cliche: social educators fight for world peace and have no time for fashion. Therefore, the following applies: The clothes must be wide and fluttery! There colorful “Aladdin pants” made of cotton are of course best suited. The feet are dressed with Birkenstock sandals. Students of this species all have long hair – no matter if boys or girls – or a dreadlock mane. On your arm hang colorful bracelets or a lot of festival ribbons that remind their proud wearers of the past rock concert or indie pop festival for years now. A practical backpack or colorful cloth bag is used for transporting books and other odds and ends.

Reality: Among the social pedagogues there are of course not only “hardcore sandal-ecos. Many dress colorful and a bit freaky, but often you can see “normalos” in jeans, t-shirt and chucks as well. One thing is for sure: fashion should be comfortable, “chic” is rather out of place here!

Mechanical engineering and computer science

Cliche: Computer scientists and engineers are considered rational and down-to-earth, so they prefer practical clothes. A short-sleeved check shirt and comfortable, inconspicuous sneakers belong here in every closet. Some students also wear T-shirts of their favorite band or with a funny saying printed on them. Women rarely wear makeup – if there are any women at all.

Reality: this cliche is very often fulfilled. However, computer scientists and mechanical engineering students don't wear plaid shirts every day, even a few chic pieces are spotted now and then. Because, of course, computer scientists do not live – according to the prejudice – behind the moon!


Cliche: Art students are very creative and eager to experiment. That's why they love everything vintage and retro. They find what they are looking for at flea markets and second-hand stores. The women also like to wear wide shirts from dad and a loose bun. Big glasses and colorful blotches on shirt and arms are a must for every art student.

Reality: As creative and individual as the course of studies, so are the clothes. Art students are many things, but not boring. So the cliche has been largely fulfilled.


Some of our cliches have come true. Many but also not. For as much as we like to cling to them, we must remain realistic: Everybody wears what he likes! Finally, fashion is an expression of individuality and not a fixed law for every course of study. So there is not THE typical student. Everyday life at university would be totally boring if everyone looked the same. Besides, it is exciting not to know directly what your counterpart is studying. The best thing is to laugh at the cliches and prejudices and stand by the person you are. This can also be a law student in a casual T-shirt or a social pedagogue in a chic trench coat. 😉


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