St. Nicholas still inspires respect in children

St. Nicholas still inspires respect in children

The little one was not interested in them at all, but he was patient anyway. A "few pleasant hours in wintry advent weather" mayor robert herrmann wished all the visitors. But max was already happy in the morning about the snow that had fallen overnight. Christina seebach-kunzel, spokeswoman for the tourism and advertising association, even acted as if she had arranged the timing. Snowfall on the first advent, perfect for one of the most popular christmas markets in the region, where all the businessmen had to work hard.

70 stands were there this year. Earlier there were many more. Over 130 had already been paid. But the visitors hardly notice it, but enjoy the offer. "There are calendars with nude ice cream", one has noticed, and not bought.

Nicholas oliver zinger (34), meanwhile, has no eyes for it. Too busy handing out his presents. "The children are all very well-behaved, he noted, even if some have respect for the man with the white beard. "I have received a wish list to pass on to the christian child",santa took stock of his premiere in the bishop's robe, which "really made a lot of fun". Also because so many mothers were looking for presents.

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