Skiing holidays by car

If you're planning a ski vacation in Switzerland or Italy, you have many options for getting there. In Switzerland in particular, many train and bus connections are well suited for reaching ski resorts. Nevertheless, mainly because of the necessary luggage, most vacationers with longer journeys in winter decide to go on skiing vacations with their own car. For example, since Switzerland alone has 162 ski resorts to choose from, getting to the Alps can take a variety of routes. It is always important to be prepared in all areas.


Skiing holidays by car


Testing the vehicle

Before long trips in the car with a lot of luggage, the car should be checked comprehensively. Check the condition of the car before traveling, especially tires, windshield wipers and lights. Make sure the car is suitable for winter conditions.

Stow skis in the car

For a skiing vacation, ski equipment must also be properly stowed in the vehicle. How to ensure that the equipment is not damaged and that it is adequately secured in case of emergency. Especially if you go on winter vacation with more than two people, you will quickly accumulate a lot of luggage.

  • Roof Rack: Use a roof rack to secure poles and skis to the roof of your car. Check that the skis are well secured so that they do not fall off during the ride.
  • Ski racks: use ski racks that can be attached to the doors or the trunk of the car.
  • Ski bag: Stow the skis in a ski bag that can be used to stow the equipment over the back seat and trunk of the car. Some cars have special constructions for stowing winter sports equipment. Place the bag so that it is stable and protected.
  • Packing material: If necessary, use packing material to protect the skis and poles from scratches and bumps. Use, for example, foam or old blankets to safely transport the skis in the car.

Skiing vacation abroad 2023 – insurances

Use the right insurance for skiing to be comprehensively protected during the entire trip. Depending on where the trip is going, other insurance models are useful here. For example, Generali's international car insurance offers optimal ski vacation insurance for vacations in Switzerland. Because on the ground, the possible costs of insurance claims are often very high. Of course, the protection also applies when traveling to other countries.

In addition to car insurance, health insurance should also be topped up if necessary. Here are special foreign insurance policies that, among other things, fully cover a return medical transport.

Info: If you are traveling by plane, you should not do without luggage insurance. On average, at least one piece of luggage is lost by a passenger per flight – these turn up in 95% of cases, but often only after weeks or even months.

Practical tips for the trip to the ski vacation

Not all ski resorts have good mobile networks throughout the country. Download the necessary maps to your navigation device or smartphone before you leave. Find out before you leave how medical care works locally. Where is the nearest hospital or is there a German-speaking doctor? So you are well prepared in case of an accident or illness.

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