School prom chaperone wanted via twitter: 16-year-old now has the choice

School prom chaperone wanted via twitter: 16-year-old now has the choice

The school prom is coming up – a real highlight for many students. Weeks before the perfect outfit is bought and the perfect hairstyle is styled. And of course it also needs the perfect accompaniment for the evening.

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going alone is out of the question. Apparently, this was also the opinion of a 16-year-old schoolgirl from leipzig. Marie, who calls herself "maya" on twitter or "consolation prize child" calls, launches an unusual call.

On twitter, the 16-year-old searches for the perfect companion for the school prom. But the schoolmarm is not demanding. However, the tweet does sound a bit desperate. She herself comments: "this tweet was presented to you by desperation".

Marie is modest in her choice

But what does the potential escort actually have to bring along?? Fur "maya it is sufficient that the person is at least 16 years old and in possession of a dress or suit. Of course, the prom escort also has to be there on the 13th. April 2018 have time to be with her in leipzig. The person should be able to raise the six euro entrance fee herself.
In addition, the 16-year-old is looking for a companion who can't dance any more than she can.

Sounds all quite down to earth and sympathetic. After listing her criteria, she finally ends her tweet with the words "then get in touch"…PLEASE?!".

Actually, marie didn't want to go to the prom at all

originally, marie didn't want to go to the school ball – but then she was appointed to the organizing team and is supposed to be there, including her escort. And since she has no escort, she starts looking for one. But not, as one might have thought, in the schoolyard or among friends – no, in public on twitter.

Her tweet was then shared almost 1000 times and liked over 1600 times. Marie herself probably did not expect this. After her post, the schoolgirl has dozens of new followers, countless new messages and several interview requests. In the comments, she finds not only initial offers but also a lot of encouragement.

By friday, marie must enter the name of her escort on a list at school. In an interview with spiegel online, the schoolmarm says she will choose someone she likes and who lives closest to leipzig.

So far, some nice people have already contacted her – but the decision has not yet fallen. Let's stay tuned to see if marie gets her dream prom date. In any case, it is to be wished to her.

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