Renovation – tips and tricks for remodeling

Renovation - tips and tricks for remodeling

Anyone moving out of an apartment knows how much work and often money a renovation can make. But even if you don’t plan to change your residence, you often can’t avoid the renovation – every now and then you simply need a change of scenery.

What you should definitely consider during a renovation and what tricks there are to save as much work and costs as possible, you will learn in this article.

Renovate house – The most important thing is planning

Especially when a whole house is to be remodeled or an entire apartment is to be renovated, good planning is essential. It is not only a matter of determining the right time – for example, renovating the heating system would be a big problem in winter, but not a challenge in summer.

If you want to renovate a whole house or apartment, you should also ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What budget do I have?
  2. Which rooms should be renovated and when?
  3. Are the rooms to be completely renovated or just painted, etc.?.?
  4. Do I have to get permission from the landlord for the renovation work?
  5. Which tasks can I do myself and when do I need professional help?
  6. Where can I put the furniture that was previously in the rooms?
  7. Do I want to change walls and can I assess myself what effects this may have on the entire house or apartment?

Once these questions have been answered, a plan should be drawn up that is as precise as possible as to when the renovation will begin, which rooms will be renovated and when, and which tasks will take place and when. Especially if you want to continue living in the house or apartment during the renovation work, a detailed plan is very helpful.

Renovate apartment – also possible in rented apartments?

To renovate your own apartment is usually no problem. But what if you want to renovate the rented apartment? Often the landlord has a say here.

For a rented apartment, therefore, somewhat different rules apply than for your own apartment.

First and foremost, it is important to know whether the renovation involves minor cosmetic repairs, major changes or a change to the fabric of the building.

  1. Minor cosmetic repairs: In most leases, it is permitted, and in some cases even desired, for the tenant to carry out minor cosmetic repairs himself during the period of occupancy. So if you want to drill holes in the wall, repaint the door frames or simply repaint or wallpaper the walls, this is no problem and is also possible without obtaining permission from the landlord. In principle, it can be said: everything that can be undone, the tenant may do himself without prior consent.
  2. Major changes that may alter the fabric of the apartment or house: For such work, the permission of the landlord must always be obtained. Such work includes, for example:
  • Tile work in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Renovation and refurbishment of sanitary facilities or heating systems
  • Pulling in or demolishing partition walls
  • Create breakthroughs or brick them up
  • Replacement of windows
  • Tearing out floors
  • Installations that affect the exterior facade (for example, adding a satellite dish)

Note, however, that a purely verbal commitment of the landlord is not sufficient. It is best to draw up a contract that also regulates who will bear the costs, the extent to which the renovation will be carried out and what will happen to the renovation when the tenant moves out.

Saving costs during renovation – this is how it works

Renovation is often very expensive. However, there are some tips and tricks you can follow to keep renovation costs as low as possible.

  1. Carry out as much work as possible yourself: It always gets really expensive when you entrust specialist companies with the renovation work. However, there are also many tasks that can be done by yourself or with a little help from friends or family. However, in the case of complicated topics such as electrics or the heating system, you should not do without the expert if you do not have the necessary knowledge.
  2. Comparing bids: Comparing bids from different home improvement stores can take some time. To reduce the costs, however, it is always worth it. Keep also necessarily the offers of on-line dealers in the view. And if you are unable to carry out various tasks yourself, you should definitely compare several tradesmen in order to save money in the process as well.
  3. Use second-hand markets: Second-hand markets both online and offline can also be used to obtain building materials or similar items. Even if nobody thinks about it: During many renovation works unused building materials or only once used tools remain, which are then sold on second-hand markets for a good price.
  4. Rent tools: This service is now offered by most DIY stores. Before you buy expensive tools for one-time renovation, rather rent everything you need and save money. Here again, of course, it is worthwhile to compare the various offers of home improvement stores. It is also worth considering borrowing tools from friends or family.

Where to put things during renovations

Anyone who has ever renovated a house or apartment knows the problem: The furniture must be protected from dust, dirt or paint. One solution is to move the furniture to the center of the room and cover it with foil. However, this only works if the renovation does not affect the floors. And even during other renovation work, furniture often just gets in the way.

BOXIE24 offers the solution to the problem: Simply use self-storage for storing furniture for the duration of your renovation project. Only BOXIE24 also offers pickup of your furniture from the first floor, 1. Store on the first floor or in a house with an elevator. You do not have to worry about anything else and can fully concentrate on the upcoming renovation.

  • Cheap: Due to the innovative concept BOXIE24 is always the cheapest provider in your city. Only with us you pay only for the storage space you actually need.
  • Convenient: We will gladly pick up your belongings free of charge and bring them to our storage facilities. You will have time for the more important things in your renovation.
  • Flexible: you need your things back completely or only partially during the storage period? No problem! BOXIE24 offers partial returns at any time and works without cancellation periods.
  • Safe: Our state-of-the-art warehouses are 24h camera-monitored and offer perfect climate for furniture storage. Your things are safe with us!

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