Private accident insurance

A private accident insurance Dortmund covers financial consequences of an accident.

Who needs accident insurance?

Private accident insurance is usually a one-time payment and covers the consequences if an accident causes temporary or permanent physical damage. It is a very useful insurance that can be used, for example, to convert the apartment or vehicle to wheelchair or disabled access or to compensate for a loss of earned income.

It is an extremely good supplement to occupational disability insurance and can serve here especially as immediate assistance. An accident pension can be useful as an additional module. This is especially helpful for people who are no longer adequately insurable in an occupational disability insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Even for people who have a relatively high-risk profession with a relatively low income and therefore cannot obtain affordable protection against occupational disability, accident insurance with an accident pension offers at least basic coverage. We show you as an insurance broker Dortmund the right accident coverage.

If the statutory accident insurance cover is not sufficient?

The statutory accident insurance is quite powerful, but pays only if the accident happens during the professional activity or during arrival and departure. All leisure accidents or accidents in the domestic environment are not covered in it. Even small detours on arrival and departure or the lunch break outside the company are already not included. However, the vast majority of accidents occur outside the professional activity.

However, private accident insurance is valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What does private accident insurance cover??

You can determine the extent and it depends on your personal needs. Accident insurance usually includes several components such as the basic sum, progression, accident pension, daily sickness benefit, daily hospital benefit, convalescence benefit, cosmetic surgery, transitional assistance, death benefit, and other details.

The most important parameters for a private accident insurance are the basic sum and the progression rate as well as the design of the limb rate. The limb tax reflects the degree of disability in percent, which the insurer attributes to a body part in case of damage. For this there is a table in the respective Bedingungswerk, from which this can be read off. The sum of all damaged body parts then gives the degree of disability.

The basic sum is the agreed sum insured as a starting point. The basic sum and the degree of disability are then used to calculate the compensation sum. For example, if the last phalanx of the left little finger is damaged and valued at 5%, the basic sum at € 100.000,-, the amount of compensation would be € 5.000,-. If the ring finger is also affected with the last limb (10% assessed), the total degree of disability would be 15% and therefore the compensation amount would be € 15.000,-.


Private accident insurance


In order to insure higher degrees of disability more strongly, there is the possibility to agree on a progression. This is also expressed as a percentage and indicates the increase in the basic sum, by which is increased in the case of full disability. Thus, with a degree of disability of at least 100%, a 500% progression would apply to the maximum benefit of 5 times the basic sum, in this case € 500.000,- provide. The scale varies greatly from insurer to insurer, as does the valuation of the body parts.

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