We ask around: how are shipping companies reacting to switzerland’s testing regime??

Since the 4. December 2021 stricter entry regulations apply in Switzerland. The quarantine list has been dropped, but a negative PCR test, which must not be older than 72h, must be presented on return from all countries. Between the 4. and 7. Day must be made in addition another PCR or antigen test and transmitted to the cantonal authority. Elaborate, costly, and depending on the trip, disproportionate. But how do the shipping companies react to the new testing regime of Switzerland? We have asked.

Costa and TUI Cruises help guests get a PCR test for the return trip.

At Costa Cruises we received the following response to our inquiry: "Yes, on board of Costa ships guests can book a coronatest with a nasopharyngeal swab (antigen rapid test or molecular PCR test). The tests are subject to a fee (PCR test: 40 € per passenger) and are carried out before disembarking on board so that the test result is available in time. So Costa makes it easier for guests who need a negative test result to return home.

How (soon-to-be) professionals handle money: tips from the bank apprentice

Saving has a very special value in today’s time. Due to pandemics, war and the other challenges that life has in store, at the end of the month you are often left with nothing but an empty wallet. In order to save money even in tough times, we have asked Dijana, a (soon-to-be) professional, for some tips on how to save money!

Skilled trades welcome strengthening of company pension

Small businesses and low-income earners in particular are set to benefit: The craftsmen’s association welcomes the new company pension scheme.

Politicians have been wrestling with the bill for a long time, but now the coalition has agreed on a compromise. The planned Company Pension Strengthening Act is intended to make company pension plans more attractive, especially in small companies and for low-wage earners. It happened on 1. June passed by the Bundestag.

The lutzerath occupation becomes a test of endurance for the coal opponents.

Demolition excavator in Lutzerath – resistance crumbles. Wind and weather make the activists to create, the police is making rapid progress with the evacuation. But there is still resistance.

Emergency forces of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) did not initially bring the activists out of their hiding place in a tunnel under the lignite mining town of Lutzerath on Friday night. The THW has finished the operation, said a police spokeswoman early Friday morning. When a new attempt will be made to get the activists out, initially remained unclear.

How much help must be?

How much help must be?

Without the right shoes, running can be a pain. Imke Renken knows that and wants to help. The 22-year-old is training to become an orthopedic shoemaker. Diabetics, for example, come to her. Their feet are often prone to pressure sores. Or people with legs of unequal length. People who wear a prosthesis also need suitable shoes.

Renken finds her job very rewarding. “It's great to experience when someone hasn't been able to walk for a long time and shoes made by me now make this possible,” she says. Orthopedic shoemakers rework shoes, fit them or make them by hand. They make insoles, corrective splints, orthoses and other aids. They often exchange information with doctors and physiotherapists in the process.

How does motor liability insurance determine the insurance premium??

How does motor liability insurance determine the insurance premium??

For many drivers, the premium calculation of the insurer is a book with seven seals. In fact, several criteria play a role. Basically, every car model in Germany is assigned to a type class. The allocation is done by the insurers and takes into account certain experience values. Which car model, for example, is stolen particularly often? Are there vehicles that are involved in accidents more often than others.

The annual loss statistics are used to determine the values. The classification in liability insurance is in type classes ten to 25, while partial coverage has classes ten to 33 and comprehensive insurance is rated in type classes from ten to 34. For the insured, the higher the type class for their motor vehicle, the higher the premium they have to pay.

Why mark dogs?

Stop again and again, sniff and then lift the leg: This is what walking looks like with many dogs. For you as the owner, this can be quite annoying, if you can hardly get away from the spot. The question is: Why do dogs do that? Here you will learn what is behind the marking behavior of dogs and whether they really have to pee so often.

Which dogs mark and why?

When we humans mark something, we want to make a certain thing recognizable. It is similar with the marking with the dog. The animal sets a scent mark with its urine or excrement and thus transmits information to its fellow animals.

E-mountain bikes: 11 useful tips

E-mountain bikes are the trend. Even if they do not reinvent cycling, you should know about some peculiarities of the motor-assisted bikes. This increases fun and promotes safety. We have compiled the most important tips and tricks for you in terms of purchase, riding technique and maintenance.

E-mountain bikes: 11 useful tips

1. Know the different bike classes

The three main classes in E-MTB are: Trail bikes, All Mountains and Enduros.

Going to hospital in belgium

Belgium: The political center of the European Union

Belgian chocolate is an export hit of Germany's western neighbor, with many travelers taking the opportunity to sample the sweet treat on the spot. But not only the fine chocolate is a reason to visit Belgium.

Going to hospital in belgium

With its capital Brussels, Belgium is the political center of the European Union, and with the seaport of Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe, it is a very important economic hub. Belgium is located in the direct vicinity of the most populous countries in the EU. To the east to Germany, to the south to France and to the north to the Netherlands. Until the departure of England from the EU, whose famous cliffs of Dover are only about 50 kilometers across the North Sea from the Belgian coast, the British Isles were also important recipients and senders of trade goods to and from Belgium.

Traveling with motorhome – advantages and disadvantages

Traveling with motorhome - advantages and disadvantages

Traveling by motorhome is quite the trend and the number of motorhomes has been steadily increasing in recent years. In Germany, there were around 332,160 registered mobile homes in 2011. By 2020, the number had increased to approximately 590,000. Traveling by motorhome has many advantages. For some beginners this kind of travel proves however as disadvantageous and the dream of the vacation on four wheels crumbles not rarely already during the first route.

Traveling with a motorhome – flexibility and other advantages

The biggest plus points of touring with a motorhome are: