Damage caused by a pothole: who is liable?

If you drive your car through a pothole, you risk damage to the wheel and axle. In the event of damage, the question arises whether the public body responsible for maintenance must pay for the repair.

The most important facts in brief

  • Depending on the type of road, the local authority, the state or the federal government is responsible for road maintenance.
  • Anyone who wants to hold the building owner liable due to pothole damage must prove that the owner has violated his duty to ensure traffic safety.

When to expect potholes particularly frequently?

There is a high risk of damage to the car due to potholes, especially at the end of the winter season, when the asphalt can become brittle due to the interaction of frost, moisture and road salt. The resulting cracks allow further water to penetrate, which at temperatures below freezing can cause the road surface, which has already become unstable, to crack open. Within a short period of time, the notorious potholes are caused by the stress of road traffic.

Future of tourism: “traveling as cheaply as possible must stop”

Travel habits will look significantly different in the future after the corona pandemic. Getting to know foreign countries and people will become more of a focus, according to tourism expert Urs Weber, market manager for Switzerland-Tourism Austria. "The times in which one comes as cheaply as possible, as quickly as possible in a completely different environment, are over in my opinion" shows Urs Weber in the pressetext interview convinced. "Sustainability will come more and more out of the greenie and vegan corner. Many people will realize that it is simply not okay to fly to Naples or London for 100, 50 or even less euros," Weber criticizes.

Railroads in the fast lane in the future

Weber is convinced that other means of transportation, such as rail, will increase significantly. "In Switzerland, we have already had an excellently developed and also intermodally coordinated transport system for a long time. This means that connections between trains, buses and ships are coordinated with each other. In addition, that can be used with the Swiss Travel Pass – that is, with only one ticket."

Which additional insurance makes sense?

The motor vehicle liability is, as the name suggests, an insurance for vehicle owners in Germany is mandatory. The fully and partially comprehensive insurance are voluntary supplementary insurance with which you are actually already well covered, or?

But there are other additional insurances like the foreign damage protection, the passenger accident insurance, the protection letter or the malorcapolice, which should close gaps to the above mentioned insurances! Do you need the so-called additional insurances or. Private insurance? This category should clarify which additional insurances are useful, which ones you need and which ones you can do without!

Change of employer – what employees should bear in mind when changing their health insurance provider.

If you change your employer, you have to think about a number of things. Often the person concerned has to train a successor at the previous employer himself. At the new workplace, many things are different from what you are used to. Who thinks about the health insurance? What is important to remember? What opportunities can be associated with a change of employer?

Change of employer - what employees should bear in mind when changing their health insurance provider.

The annual income limit is important when changing employer

Whether an employee can take out statutory health insurance or not is a matter for the employer. must or private, depends first on the income level. Only those who have a regular annual income above 53.550 EUR (2014) is not subject to compulsory insurance in the statutory health insurance (GKV). He can insure himself privately.

A stair lift in a family home often removes insurmountable obstacles

A stair lift in a family home often removes insurmountable obstacles

When joints and muscles won’t cooperate, stairs become an insurmountable obstacle. With the help of a stair lift, elderly people effortlessly master every step and remain independent at home longer.

Structural requirements for stair type and stair shape

The form of the stages does not play a major role in terms of installation requirements. Whether straight stairs, curved stairs or differently shaped stairs: the stair lift can be installed on almost any type of staircase, as the handrail adapts individually to the respective stair situation.

“Realschul-oscar” goes to Herzogenaurach

Last tuesday evening in rothenburg ob der tauber, germany, the 15th award ceremony was held. At the 15th award ceremony for secondary schools in central franconia, a student from herzogenaurach secondary school was also honored with an award. Paulina walz and rik johnen won over the jury with their remarkable performance of durrenmatt's "the visit of the old lady" the school says it was able to convince its students in the past school year.

The way in which the two tenth-graders (then in ninth grade) interpreted their main roles, at the age of just 15, went far beyond the level that is normally expected of a school stage, according to the jury. The press and the public, many of whom thought paulina was a teacher or a hired professional actress, were equally amazed and delighted, not least by how confidently the young performers expressed their understanding of this demanding work through their multifaceted acting.

Bad kissingen: this is how corona hurts the city

2020 will be a pretty bitter year for bad kissingen as a business location. How bitterly, that can be printed out now already in numbers. But its frightening effect is probably not yet final. Depending on further developments, there is probably still room for improvement. Which can estimate city and staatsbad gmbh now already, sounds however actually already negatively enough.

Mayor dirk vogel publicly presented data on this in the city council on wednesday, which must have already been the subject of non-public discussion there in july, at least in part. The seriousness of the situation is already apparent when looking at the amounts that the city will have to pay this year to compensate for the deficit of the state baths company, which is basically necessary every year.

A place for artists from all over the world is being created in kleinvichtach

It's dusty, the stairs are covered with cardboard. Old window frames in the hallway, hammering on the second floor. The old house in kleinvichtach is a construction site. But cristian ianza is sure that it will become something great. The artist realizes his rough wish. He wanted to establish a summer camp for artists in the middle of the marktrodach district.

Actually he wanted to buy a house in greece. "I love the sea", says ianza. But then, in november of last year, he decided in favor of the district of kronach. "Kronach is simply my second home, explains the ceramist and sculptor, who came from romania decades ago as an asylum seeker. In the meantime he lives there again. Exhibitions, friends and the international art project "holzart move back to upper franconia on a regular basis. Now he has another reason to come to germany.

Spitsbergen – between north cape and north pole

On the Spitsbergen archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, which belongs to Norway, there are about 400 more polar bears than people. Lea Hajner nevertheless ventured briefly ashore north of the Arctic Circle.

“Excuse me, you in front, yes you! Please stay behind me in the group, it is dangerous here”. Remi, our guide, is still friendly. The somewhat older lady, who has already pushed her way into the small boats and has nevertheless forgotten her binoculars, still can’t wait to get there.