Liability waiver for voluntary

Liability waiver for voluntary

This indemnity is paid by the volunteer for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity Germany e.V. (“Habitat for Humanity”), Auf dem Berlich 30, 50667 Cologne, Germany, and any other Habitat for Humanity facility, its affiliates, management personnel, employees, sponsors, supporters, volunteers and aides declared (collectively, “Indemnified Persons”).


I, the volunteer, would like to volunteer for a project of one or more of the exempted persons free of charge. I will follow the instructions of the local project management. I am aware that my activities may include the following in particular: Demolition work, construction debris removal, construction and repair of buildings, providing assistance in distressed areas, working in offices and at Habitat for Humanity work sites, other construction related activities, transfers to and from work sites, sharing meals u.a. (the “Activities”).

I understand that my activities involve hazards, especially typical hazards associated with construction work, loading, unloading, and transporting heavy materials, use of electrical/technical equipment, involvement of untrained persons (especially volunteers), unanticipated contact with lead, asbestos, and mold, which may cause or aggravate certain illnesses, especially if protective equipment is not worn, prolonged exposure to the hazard is experienced, or a pre-existing condition is present.

Release from liability

In consideration of and as a condition of my participation in the activities, I, the volunteer, hereby waive any and all liability, claims, demands, reimbursement of expenses, and damages of any kind, for any legal reason whatsoever, which may exist or arise for me, my heirs, successors, dependents, or representatives in connection with my activities, to the persons released and their successors in title, subject to the following:

The liability for intent and gross negligence as well as the liability according to mandatory legal regulations is not affected by this release from liability.

The indemnified persons are liable for ordinary negligence only on the condition that an essential duty has been breached.

The liability is limited to typical, foreseeable damages. Liability for indirect damages, unforeseeable damages, loss of use, loss of production, loss of profit, unrealized savings, financial losses and claims of third parties is excluded. This does not apply to injury to life, limb or health.

I declare that I knowingly assume the risk of injury, harm and detriment associated with the Activities. I understand that exempt persons assume no responsibility or obligation to provide financial or other assistance in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage.

Consent to medical treatment

Volunteers and staff of a project are usually provided with emergency medical care on site by staff of other aid organizations. The volunteer will be informed about the details at the beginning of the project activity. However, there is no entitlement to medical care.

I consent to emergency medical procedures, use of medications, and medical treatment under the responsibility of the exempt persons and medical personnel. In the event of an emergency, the exempt persons will attempt to reach the contact person designated for that eventuality. In the event that this is not immediately available, I hereby grant the released persons authority to consent to examinations and medical or dental treatment on my behalf as recommended by a physician, dentist, or other health care professional. This specifically includes any examination, medical treatment, hospitalization, or other treatment recommended by a physician, dentist, or other health care professional. I also authorize the released persons to organize my transport at their discretion. I hereby release the Indemnified Persons from any and all liability, claims and demands existing or arising in connection with any transportation, emergency medical care, examination, medical treatment or medical procedure on the occasion of my activities.


I am aware that the exempted persons are not obliged to provide or maintain health insurance coverage or insurance coverage for medical treatment, travel, disability or in any other way for volunteers. Each volunteer is expected to independently provide insurance coverage for illness, travel, disability, and other risks.

I understand that I am and will remain responsible for payment of hospital, doctor, outpatient clinic, dental, medical and other treatment services. I understand that exempt persons are not required to pay any such fees or expenses that may be incurred.

Consent to disclosure of health information

I authorize any physician, dentist, health insurer or other health care professional involved in my medical treatment to disclose my health information to the Releasees. This includes all information regarding my health, especially medical and dental records, medical consultations, treatments and procedures, psychiatric and psychological treatments, prescription of medications and infectious diseases. I understand that this health information includes legally protected information such as. The notice may also serve the following purposes: Confirmation of eligibility, facilitation of claims, review of claims and dispute resolution, detection of abuse, quality assurance.

In the course of my activities, I may have access to personal health information of others. I will keep this personal health information confidential and use it only as necessary for my volunteer activities and will follow Habitat for Humanity’s policy for handling personal health information.

Protected rights, data

I hereby transfer to Habitat for Humanity Germany e.V. and Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. all rights to all photographs, video, audio and other recordings concerning me, in particular concerning my name, image and voice, made on the occasion of the activities of or for the exempted persons, including the right to use such material for any purpose and free of charge. I am aware that I do not have any rights to such photos, pictures and/or recordings. I hereby waive any and all rights or claims I may have to any such photographs, images and/or recordings by virtue of any right of privacy, copyright, ownership or otherwise.

I agree that Habitat for Humanity Deutschland e.V. and Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. collect, store, process and make available to other Habitat for Humanity organizations, including those abroad, my personal data as required for my volunteer activities, within the limits of the law.


I have carefully considered my decision and hereby give my informed consent to participate in the volunteer activities. I have read and understand this release of liability, all my questions have been answered, and I agree to the foregoing provisions. I hereby bind my heirs, next of kin, successors in interest, and assigns.

Habitat for Humanity Code of Conduct

Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity is both rewarding and responsible. Because the volunteers represent the organization Habitat for Humanity and its mission. Volunteers should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the values and mission of Habitat for Humanity, especially while volunteering. This means that local communities are respected and the safety of all involved is ensured. In addition to complying with Habitat for Humanity laws, rules and policies, all volunteers are expected to follow the code of conduct listed here.

1. Treating each other with respect: all volunteers, staff and members of the local community will be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity. This interaction prohibits tactless and abusive forms of expression; furthermore, no physical or emotional violence toward others involved will be tolerated.

2. Site safety: site safety instructions and guidelines are for everyone’s safety and must be followed. Activities that pose a safety risk to the volunteer themselves and others should be avoided. Any situations that are dangerous and therefore hazardous to safety should be reported to the site manager.

3. Zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, and weapons: The purchase or possession of drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited on Habitat worksites. Likewise, the purchase and possession of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted on the job sites.

4. Respectful behavior of human rights of all to protect beneficiaries and children from exploitation and abuse: Habitat for Humanity has established the United Nations standards on human rights in general and on children’s rights and specifically for project beneficiaries. Accordingly, volunteer behavior should reflect these standards. Inappropriate physical or sexual relationships with other volunteers, staff, and individuals from the local community should be refrained from. In addition, and at no time, may a volunteer be involved in sexual activity with a child (a person under the age of 18, regardless of legal consent) or a Habitat beneficiary.

5. Follow Gift Giving Policy: To avoid potential misunderstandings, embarrassment, hurt feelings, or envy, volunteers are asked not to give gifts to Habitat beneficiaries, Habitat staff, or other members of the local community without first consulting Habitat staff in this regard. Volunteers should check with Habitat for Humanity staff in advance about any gifts in this case. Habitat staff are also happy to make suggestions about gifts that will benefit the entire community.

6. Consideration for Habitat for Humanity property: responsible treatment of Habitat for Humanity property is expected. Theft, embezzlement or other misappropriation of Habitat for Humanity donated funds, property or other property is not permitted. Other fraudulent activities for personal gain from assets, activities or beneficiaries are also prohibited.

7. Commitment to confidentiality: volunteers, Habitat staff and beneficiaries, and members of the local community should have a relationship of trust with each other. Therefore, volunteers are encouraged not to disclose confidential information of Habitat for Humanity or about the projects.

I understand that I may report any violations of this Code of Conduct anonymously at

I understand that Habitat for Humanity is permitted to release me from my volunteer duties. I also understand that if I violate the Code of Conduct, I will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result.

I affirm that I have read, as well as understand and will abide by this code of conduct.

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