Kronach now shines all year round

Kronach now shines all year round

Sparks: they occur when rounding, when motors are set in motion, when light and brightness are to be created. It sparks! Inspirational sparks serve the artist as initial ignition for movement and change, are stimuli for creativity. It sparks in the artist – and in the best case also in the viewer of the art! This was the case with werner olgemoller, owner of the photo studio thron. He was inspired by the LED-ART work of karol J. Hurec and especially the object "your inspiring spark enlivens the moment" so much so that it now adorns the wall of his photo studio and delights people from there.

"Inspirational sparks can come from people, can be events.", hurec, chairman of the kronach art association, explained on tuesday. Many friends and relatives, members of the art scene, as well as those responsible for "kronach leuchtet – first and foremost, project manager markus stirn, as well as head of tourism kerstin low and kronach's third mayor markus wich wanted to be present at the unveiling of the LED object. With this, the county seat now has a modern work of light art in the public space. Kronach therefore shines not only temporarily, but now all year round!

Hurec' LED-ART was at "kronach leuchtet" in 2017 represented with 20 exhibits; in 2018 the LED-ART exhibition followed at the kronacher kunstverein.

The joy of seeing his works meet with such great enthusiasm from werner olgemoller was written all over the artist's face – and reminded him of an event that happened many years ago. "Someone values my paintings. They please so much that people want to own them", he looked back, when once a young woman wanted to acquire pictures of him. "At that moment an intense moment enlivened the moment – not only the look of my eyes. This young woman is still my wife after more than 44 years", it shines. The impulse givers or mentors who accompanied his life were, among others, also the art teachers at his high school, who had been his "art" at that time appreciated. They asked him in his high school graduation year what he wanted to study. Both recommended him to go to the academy of arts in munich – which he then did. It was such a spark, an inspiration!

The spark jumped over

The title "your inspiring spark enlivens the moment" is thus taken from his life. Such a spark also jumped over to olgemoller and inspired him to put a modern artistic accent on his modern photo studio.

An introduction to hurec's works of art – which effectively shine from within by means of the most modern LED technology – was given by gerhard schlotzer of the professional association of artists. The LED light objects – now in stainless steel – are a further development of the "sagebilder". The small exhibition of "your inspiring spark enlivens the moment" is then also worked in wood. According to the artist, who lives in bamberg, the objects were created in a long process, with lines and structures being etched and scratched – a violation and destruction of layers that allows the light of the past to shine through the present. He thanked olgemoller as a client for the not self-evident realization of this art in public space.

"Today we celebrate art and culture, with music and good conversation", said the so praised but also the successful facade renovation, a mix of tradition and modernity. Being a high-tech studio, hurec's modern LED-ART fits in perfectly. His father, who died in 1973, had already asked himself what could be done with the facade of the house. When he published an article in manfred raum's association magazine "1000 years of kronach" when he discovered the work of art, he knew immediately that it was just that. Raum, who was also one of the guests, was therefore the "spiritual originator of the idea".

Karol J. Hurec and his art

In 2015, hurec revived and expanded the object art and sage paintings of the 1970s using led light and modern electronics. He fills the lightless, black sagespuren with LED light, which emerges as female or colored light from the sagelinien. For drawing on coarser formats, he now uses the chain saga. The resulting trail of signs, the line, is a dominant component of his work. He leaves deep, unrecognizable traces, sometimes accompanied by attempts to repair them. The illumination shining brightly from within "your inspiring spark enlivens the moment" has an almost magical attraction, especially in the evening hours. Then the brightly colored red shining out of the frozen lines will look particularly fiery, glowing and energetic.

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