Book moving helpers – what do I need to consider?

This article is for those who have a move coming up and are in the midst of preparing and planning for it.

There are many things to consider when moving. Good organization is therefore extremely important.




We have listed the most important points that need to be considered before a move:

  • You have to terminate your old lease in due time.
  • For the day of the removal you must if necessary. Request a vacation.
  • Place small children and pets with friends or relatives for moving day.
  • Remember to book a kindergarten or. School place to look for in the new area.
  • Kindergarten or. School must then be registered and deregistered (i.e., reregistered).
  • The household goods can be cleared out some time beforehand and gradually packed safely in boxes.
  • Contracts and any subscriptions to the old apartment must be terminated in due time or, if possible, reregistered.
  • Depending on how much you have to transport you have to rent a van or even hire a moving company
  • Here it makes then immediately sense to think about the registration of no-stopping zones.
  • In any case, you have to organize movers. (More on this below.)
  • When moving, you often have to renovate the old and new apartment.
  • Decorating your new home is probably the most fun part of moving.
  • For the post office one must set up a forwarding order.
  • You must inform the authorities of your new place of residence, i.e. you must re-register.
  • Also banks and insurance companies must not be forgotten here.
  • You should also inform friends and business partners about your new address.

Book moving helpers

A removal is a strenuous thing. Why not just ask friends and family for help with the move?? Simply because this often brings more disadvantages than advantages.

Moving helpers in Berlin – What is important?? Acquaintances in Berlin were already without helpers on the day of the move, although many helpers had previously agreed to help. But then two of them got sick themselves, one had to work, the next one overslept and another one had to take care of his grandma urgently.




With again different acquaintance the removal ended in the chaos. There were enough helpers, but everything went so haywire on the day of the move that in the end only half of the screws for the transported cabinets were left and we were busy repairing them for days.

I have experienced it myself when moving my living room drawer overtook me at the intersection as it fell out of the trunk&

For this reason, I give you the tip when moving to trust experienced movers. Friends can still help, for example, with cleaning out and packing boxes. That makes together also much more fun&

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