Going to hospital in belgium

Belgium: The political center of the European Union

Belgian chocolate is an export hit of Germany's western neighbor, with many travelers taking the opportunity to sample the sweet treat on the spot. But not only the fine chocolate is a reason to visit Belgium.


Going to hospital in belgium


With its capital Brussels, Belgium is the political center of the European Union, and with the seaport of Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe, it is a very important economic hub. Belgium is located in the direct vicinity of the most populous countries in the EU. To the east to Germany, to the south to France and to the north to the Netherlands. Until the departure of England from the EU, whose famous cliffs of Dover are only about 50 kilometers across the North Sea from the Belgian coast, the British Isles were also important recipients and senders of trade goods to and from Belgium.

Within Europe, Belgium has a unique transport infrastructure. There are direct highway connections with each of its neighboring countries; six European highways lead to France alone, four to Germany and three to Holland. Even relatively small Luxembourg is connected to Belgium by two highways. In addition, there are several federal highway connections for each neighbor.

However, Belgium is not only an economic and political center of attraction. The country can also boast numerous sights. In the old trading cities such as Ghent, Bruges, Liege and Charleroi, the history not only of Belgium but of the whole of Europe is alive and well. Accordingly, Belgium is visited by a large number of people every year for business, professional or tourist reasons. Unfortunately, not every trip to Belgium ends with a happy return home: A sudden illness or an accident can be the reason that an inpatient first aid and treatment in a Belgian hospital becomes necessary.

How the Belgian health system works?

All Belgian citizens and permanent residents (for more than six months) are covered by compulsory health insurance in Belgium. Depending on their social status and age, they have to pay a flat rate for treatment and medication. The reimbursement of costs by the insurance carrier or by the respective health insurance company is up to 75%. All costs incurred for a visit to a doctor or specialist must first be paid by the patient in cash or by credit card directly against the invoice. The bill must then be submitted to the health insurance company. The choice of doctor is free.

In the case of a scheduled hospitalization in a state hospital, an advance payment must be made, the amount of which depends on social status. In addition, there is a daily nursing rate and a daily flat rate for administered medication. The majority of treatment costs are settled directly by the hospital with the insurance carrier.

Foreigners from an EU country or Switzerland have the same right to treatment as a Belgian citizen upon presentation of a European insurance card. In the case of emergency admissions due to an accident or sudden illness, the advance payment does not apply and foreigners who cannot prove their insurance status locally due to the situation have the option of having an insurance certificate from their home country emailed or faxed to them so that they do not have to pay immediately.

In addition to the state health care system, there are privately run medical practices and clinics in Belgium. In this case, treatment costs are either paid directly or settled via a private insurance provider. As a rule, fees for doctor's visits are paid immediately and the bill is submitted to the insurance carrier for reimbursement. Hospitalization, on the other hand, is usually settled directly between the hospital and the insurance company.

Going to a Belgian hospital without international health insurance?

Anyone who has at least a European health insurance card or can prove that he or she is a member of a public health insurance fund in his or her home country receives the same treatment in a public hospital as a Belgian national. However, he also bears the costs incurred in each case of the deductible.

People without Belgian citizenship or right of residence, who have neither a European health insurance card nor health insurance abroad, receive life-saving emergency treatment in Belgian state hospitals if this is necessary. Treatment is provided until the person is able to travel on his/her own. Further treatment or rehabilitation measures will not be provided. The costs incurred are billed to the person and remain as an outstanding debt even after the emergency treatment has been provided.

To a Belgian hospital with health insurance abroad?


Going to hospital in belgium


The visit or business trip to Belgium may last only a day or even a week: A carelessness in traffic usually lasts only a fraction of a second, but can have fatal consequences. The same applies to diseases that were not yet recognized and whose symptoms suddenly appear during the stay in Belgium. Incidentally, this would not be so unusual at all, because even short trips mean an increased stress level for the body. No one can really defend themselves against this.

It is always advisable to take out health insurance abroad or travel health insurance, even if it is just a short trip to neighboring Belgium. The advantages are obvious: A foreign health insurance policy can be taken out in such a way that all the costs of a hospital stay are covered by the insurance company and there is no need to pay in advance. In addition, international health insurance often includes special benefits such as a single room or treatment by a chief physician. Likewise, the policy for international health insurance usually includes an option for repatriation in medically necessary cases, i.e. the fastest possible outpatient transfer from the Belgian clinic to a German hospital close to home. If the international health insurance does not cover the cost of the return medical transport, this can also be financed privately.

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