Dentures below the pain threshold

Dentures below the pain threshold

Dental prosthesis can be very expensive. That’s why you should know where you can save without sacrificing quality. There are many possibilities. Read here which ones might be suitable for you.

When it comes to dental prostheses, the costs for the patient are quickly in the four-digit range in many cases. That’s a sum that hurts. What’s more, there are often cheaper alternatives. However, you have to know what they are – and not all of them are suitable for everyone.

Ask for alternatives

Those who go to the dentist have a free choice when it comes to dentures. You should never be satisfied with only one of the above solutions. A good dentist will show you treatment alternatives. For example, a different material could be used. If this is not the case, ask whether the treatment is not also possible at a lower price. If the dentist decides against the cheapest solution, he must also be able to justify it.

Health insurance companies cover a fixed subsidy, which since October 2020 has been 60 percent of the average cost of treatment for standard therapy. In the past it was 50 percent. You yourself can reduce your share of the costs by regularly going to the dentist for preventive checkups. These appointments are recorded in a so-called bonus booklet. Those who have had regular checkups for five years will receive 70 percent of the average cost of standard care. After ten years, the health insurance company covers 75 percent of the costs.

Is supplementary dental insurance worthwhile??

Those who take out supplementary dental insurance can protect themselves against high treatment costs. However, such a policy naturally also costs money. Depending on the contract and age, a high three-digit sum can accumulate in the year. That’s why you should weigh up whether it’s worth taking out such an insurance policy. The following questions can help with the decision:

  • Is there a waiting period during which the insurance cannot be claimed?? Those who absolutely want this additional protection or already know they will need it should take out the insurance as early as possible.
  • Does the additional insurance cover 100 percent of private co-payments? Or less?

Just ask the competition

And of course a price comparison is always worthwhile. On the Internet there are portals like 2te-ZahnarztMeinung, where you can post a treatment and cost plan. Dentists look at this and make a more favorable bid. The patient can, but does not have to accept this. For the mediation he pays a fee with some providers. By the way, some health insurance companies cooperate with “2te-ZahnarztMeinung”, for example Barmenia, AOK Niedersachsen or Viactiv. An alternative platform is Zahngebot.en.

The cost estimates are not binding. However, most doctors will calculate exactly and have good reasons, if it becomes more expensive after all. Because the patients can evaluate them after completion of treatment. A second opinion can also be obtained through the health insurance company or the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists.

Cost comparisons are suitable for all those who basically do not care who solves their dental problems. But if you don’t like to go to the dentist and therefore a long-lasting relationship of trust with your doctor as well as the quality you are used to are important to you, you should think twice before accepting such an offer.

The consumer center has even more tips online – from cost estimates by auction, dentures from abroad to treatment at a university clinic.

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