Certified auto paint shops in the vicinity

Find certified auto paint shop near you for all types of paint work

The variety of possible repair options makes a visit to an auto paint shop indispensable even for minor paint damage. If scratches are not professionally repaired and, if necessary, painted, the damage will still be visible after repair and will reduce the current value of the vehicle. In addition, there is a risk that sensitive electronic components – such as sensors of parking aids or for environmental monitoring for modern driver assistance systems – could be disturbed by the application of paint and thus provoke consequential damage. Only with daily access to the manufacturer's instructions for vehicle repair can such mistakes be safely avoided.

You can quickly and easily find a certified auto paint shop in your area that is suitable for your individual damage pattern using the FairGarage workshop search function. In dialogue with the experts on site, the appropriate repair route and the expected repair costs can be determined. Modern and highly qualified auto paint shops from our listing are available for complete paint jobs as well as for Smart resp. Spot repair methods best equipped. In the event of an insurance claim, our partner paint store will handle the entire claim with the car insurance company.

The following services are offered by the veneer specialists listed on FairGarage:

  • Complete painting and special painting
  • Partial painting of hood, bumper, fender, car roof, car door, rims, etc.
  • Paint repairs of all kinds incl. Spot Repair
  • Paint preparation and care

Please note that for most varnishing work, a quote or. Cost estimate is not possible without on-site inspection of the vehicle. You can request the inspection appointment online without obligation via FairGarage.

In this article you will find the following information:

How to recognize a qualified automotive paint shop?



Also in the field of car painting, the task of a repairer is to restore the quality of the high-tech series paint, and to guarantee the functionality of all vehicle systems. The quality standards demanded by the German Association of Automotive Painters (BFL) from its member companies are correspondingly high.

In addition to the specialist companies of the regional painters' guild, customers looking for a workshop can also look out for other seals of quality from automotive paint shops: The workshop networks of paint suppliers such as Acoat Selected, networks specializing in major customers such as Eurogarant or the BVdP partner businesses are also on the cutting edge of vehicle technology. For some years now, the DEKRA automotive expert organization has also been awarding its own seal of quality for bodywork& Paint stores.

What kind of work is done in auto paint shops?

Paint shops coat vehicles and superstructures of all kinds with paints and also design lettering or company logos. Their employees assess damage to the paint layer and prepare various substrates such as steel, aluminum or plastic for painting – cars are cleaned, degreased, dusted, primed, filled, filled, sanded, masked and dusted again. The coating is usually applied with paint guns in several coats before finishing and polishing perfect the appearance.

Stencils or foils are used for special lettering or ornaments. To protect the body from rust and environmental influences, they seal cavities and preserve surfaces with care products such as high-gloss polishes and hard waxes. The workshop employees disassemble and assemble components, measure and check the function of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components or. Systems and use vehicle glazing.

What equipment do qualified automotive paint shops need??


Certified auto paint shops in the vicinity


As a rule, the work in a qualified car paint shop is carried out in three main steps: The preparation, the actual painting, and the refinishing or finish zone. In addition to the heart of the workshop, the painting and drying booths, there is therefore a whole lot of workshop equipment to be kept on hand. These include mobile drying equipment, a professional paint mixing system with scales and computer, coating thickness gauges, daylight lamps for checking the color shade and closed cleaning systems for paint spray guns. EDP databases are used to determine the exact color required for the model to be repaired and to mix it in the necessary quantity in order to save paint material.

Every paint store also has to comply with strict official regulations on occupational safety and environmental protection. This includes, on the one hand, the personal protective equipment of the employees and, on the other hand, the criteria that have to be implemented on the part of the company, from extraction and cutting systems to lighting, securing of the paint warehouse, waste sorting and recycling.

Which paint damage and repair methods are available?

Even if the standard coatings of vehicles have become more resistant to UV light and scratches over the years, the paint layer of a car is the first to be affected by collisions and environmental influences: stone impacts, road salt, hailstones, but also touching other road users or garden fences and garage doors leave marks on the paint. Depending on whether they have only damaged the outer layer structure or reach “down to the sheet metal” or the underlying plastic, different repair methods are required. If scratches are only superficial, they can be polished out with a little skill; depending on the size and location of the damage, Smart Repair can be used. Only when the body is exposed to unprotected environmental influences, and rust spots can therefore occur, does the complete paint structure have to be restored.

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