“Don’t separate the specialties in silos.”

There is only one clinical department for palliative care in Austria, and it is at Vienna General Hospital. The chair there has been held since the beginning of the year by Univ.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. DDr. Eva Katharina Masel, MSc, inne. With us she spoke u.a. On their wishes for the specialty of palliative care in Austria and the role of spirituality. She also tells us tips for talking to patients* whose illness will foreseeably lead to death.

Congratulations again on taking up your professorship at MedUni Vienna earlier this year. How do you look back on the first year? What were challenges, what were successes?

E. K. Masel: Thank you! On the one hand, I am an "old hand", as I have been working at the palliative care unit of the AKH since 2010, but on the other hand, my job as head of department is of course new, including obligations and administrative tasks I did not have before.

How (soon-to-be) professionals handle money: tips from the bank apprentice

Saving has a very special value in today’s time. Due to pandemics, war and the other challenges that life has in store, at the end of the month you are often left with nothing but an empty wallet. In order to save money even in tough times, we have asked Dijana, a (soon-to-be) professional, for some tips on how to save money!

E-mountain bikes: 11 useful tips

E-mountain bikes are the trend. Even if they do not reinvent cycling, you should know about some peculiarities of the motor-assisted bikes. This increases fun and promotes safety. We have compiled the most important tips and tricks for you in terms of purchase, riding technique and maintenance.

E-mountain bikes: 11 useful tips

1. Know the different bike classes

The three main classes in E-MTB are: Trail bikes, All Mountains and Enduros.

Care of your front door

Unlike interior doors, front doors are exposed to environmental influences. While in winter low temperatures affect the outer surface, in summer it is intense sunlight that causes fading of the surface if not properly maintained. Also, the models must be resistant to moisture, otherwise it will cause weathering and shorten the life of your front door.

Care of your front door

General measures for regular cleaning

To remove dirt from the surface of your front door you should always use water. If the cleaning is dry, dirt particles can have an abrasive effect and cause unsightly scratches. The cleaning agent should be adapted to the material.

Why this is not a good strategy in the corona crisis

Why this is not a good strategy in the corona crisis

Honestly, between you and me, nobody likes to read about the pandemic and the resulting crisis, do they?? For weeks and months, the media reports have been full of case numbers, reproductive values, things you are no longer allowed to do, and relaxations of what is then allowed again. Some people would like to pull the covers over their heads, stay in bed and wait until the crisis is over. Simply sleep through the crisis and retreat into the cozy cave until the ice has melted and the spring sun beckons again. Or in other words: until everything is back to the way it was, in familiar, pleasant ways.

Care tips for pet casts & splints

When you see your cute puppy or little cat running around with a tiny cast or cotter pin prosthesis, you can't help but exclaim, “My poor baby!!” Fluctuate. and “My, she's so cute!” The good news is that pets bounce back from broken or fractured bones. If they are in an occupation, the traumatic part is over, you have addressed the problem, and your pet is on its way to a smooth recovery.

Home care is provided by you, the parent, and accounts for about half of the rehabilitation. It is your responsibility to keep your pet's injuries clean and dry and to prevent accidents while you nurse your cat or dog to health.

Usa road trip: the most important tips at a glance

Usa road trip: the most important tips at a glance

It is the dream vacation par excellence – a road trip through the USA. Self-determined discovering the most beautiful regions on the other side of the big pond and simply breathing the air of freedom – that’s what matters to vacationers. For the preparation it needs however a few important Tipps, so that the USA Roadtrip does not become the failure.

East or West? Where is the USA Roadtrip really worthwhile?

Get a taste of the USA in different regions? It’s possible, yet most road trippers choose between east or west. The West Coast may be called the most popular travel area without lie, cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles entice. There is also a lot to see on the West Coast, from National Parks to Death Valley. In the summer months mass tourism is not uncommon, on the roads of the USA then almost every second vehicle is a tourist van.

Croatia dog entry tips

Croatia dog entry tips

Since July 2013 Croatia is already a full member of the European community. This simplifies planning for a summer vacation. The European framework regulations for the entry of pets apply almost uniformly. We have compiled some detailed regulations for you here (all information without guarantee).

Entry requirements in detail: Dog vaccinations, ID, chip

  • Entry of pets is possible only with a valid veterinary certificate on the health condition of the animals. Dogs from EU countries only need a valid European Pet Passport with a short description of the dog, name and address of the dog owner and registered vaccinations (most important: a still valid rabies vaccination) for vacation in Croatia for this purpose.
  • When entering Croatia from an EU country such as Germany, proof must be provided of a currently still valid rabies vaccination and unique identification via a microchip implanted in the dog's neck fur. The number of the microchip must have been entered by the veterinarian in the pet passport or the corresponding certificate of the dog to be carried and must match.
  • Puppies / young dogs: animals from EU countries or "low risk non-EU countries", younger than 3 months and not vaccinated, can be imported to Croatia on dog vacation, provided that the owner or companion has a travel document or certificate with them and they have stayed in the same place since birth and have not been in contact with wild animals or are accompanied by their mother, on whom they are still dependent.
  • Only for dogs entering from third countries or. Non-EU countries with high risk: as part of the rabies vaccination, the animal must have undergone a rabies virus antibody neutralization test of at least 0.5 IJ/ml, which should be performed by an officially authorized veterinarian in an authorized laboratory no earlier than 30 days after the vaccination and three months before the vacation in Croatia.
  • Maximum number of dogs: non-commercial importation of animals means importation of up to a maximum of five pets.
  • Listed dogs: For a number of dog breeds, so-called listed dogs, must be able to present a breeding certificate recognized by the authorities for entry.
  • Check general vaccination status in time before the vacations: There are different parasites and pathogens that occur especially in Mediterranean regions and can pose a risk of infection for dogs. One of them is leishmaniasis, against which a vaccination now exists. You can find out about possible precautions and possible vaccinations for your dog's vacation from a veterinarian. Other possibilities for prevention against a number of "pests" are certain tick and flea protection combination preparations, which are either attached as a band around the dog's neck and are supposed to emit their repellent scents or by spraying an active ingredient directly on the dog's neck fur.

Dog leash and muzzle in Croatia?

In public, especially within built-up areas, there is a general obligation to keep dogs on a leash. In public transport, dogs must officially wear a muzzle, this also applies to most ships / ferries (in practice, however, is handled very differently).