Golf round trip south africa best of south africa

S outh Africa from a great variety of vegetation to high and rocky mountains and great wine growing areas, from endless white beaches to virgin forests, from fishermen to modern businessmen. All this meets you at the southernmost end of Africa.

Golf Round Trip South Africa Best of South Africa

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Day 1: Cape Town
Arrive at Cape Town airport, receive your rental car and drive to your hotel. The country hotel is located on a historic vineyard in the beautiful Constantia Valley.

Can the cat or the dog inherit??

Can the cat or the dog inherit??

The fashion czar Rudolph Mooshammer showed everyone how it is done: When he died in 2005, his last will and testament went to his dog Daisy. The Yorkshirelady could continue to live a life of luxury in Moshammer’s villa until she herself passed away. Inheriting assets to pets is generally not allowed in Germany. However, there are ways to ensure the continued care of dogs or cats after death.