Why mark dogs?

Stop again and again, sniff and then lift the leg: This is what walking looks like with many dogs. For you as the owner, this can be quite annoying, if you can hardly get away from the spot. The question is: Why do dogs do that? Here you will learn what is behind the marking behavior of dogs and whether they really have to pee so often.

Which dogs mark and why?

When we humans mark something, we want to make a certain thing recognizable. It is similar with the marking with the dog. The animal sets a scent mark with its urine or excrement and thus transmits information to its fellow animals.

Miracle with living room flair

miracle with living room flair

Her job is never boring. Finally, as a midwife, veronica walther is regularly present when new life sees the light of day. What's more, it helps people grow together into a family and uses its wealth of experience to provide the best possible care for their new parents' happiness. For the 30-year-old from bamberg, her work is more of a vocation than a profession. That's exactly what helps her to be a good midwife despite the enormous responsibility and the heavy workload.

"Every birth is a natural miracle, says walther. She attends to around 50 to 60 deliveries a year. Compared to a midwife employed at the clinic, this number may not sound that high – it quickly adds up to three times as many. But their work does not stop at birth – nor does it start there. "We run antenatal classes, carry out antenatal examinations and are an important point of contact for mothers and fathers at the bedside", explains the 30-year-old.

Relaxation exercises for at home: how to find your inner center

In today's world, it can be difficult to find time to relax. We are constantly bombarded with things to do and surrounded by countless opportunities that distract us. The result? Stress and hectic!

However, it is important to take some time for yourself each day and relax. And this is not difficult at all, because there are many different relaxation exercises that you can easily do at home to find your inner center. We present a few below.

Hyundai ioniq 5 driving report: almost a bang for the buck

Super-fast charging technology, solar cells on the roof, ranges of 400 kilometers and more, and its wheelbase even surpasses the Mercedes E-Class. Lots of advance praise, then, for the Korean powerhouse. But how does it do on the road?

Already at first sight it is clear who the Koreans are aiming at. Between the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the VW ID.4 there is no danger of confusion, but the idea behind them is very similar: A powerful electric car that should appeal to fans of classic compact SUVs as well as lure stubbornly doubtful gasoline disciples to the land of batteries and charging stations.

Student types – cliche or fact? What uni outfits reveal about the field of study

Law students always wear polo shirts, social pedagogues are only in eco-sandals and design students are just totally hip. Recognizing the course of studies by the clothes of the fellow students – is that possible?? What is true, what is not true? We clear up the most common cliches about university outfits!

Student types - cliche or fact? What uni outfits reveal about the field of study

Law and business studies

Cliche: A male law student can be recognized by his polo shirt with the collar turned up and the gelled hair. This includes chic chino pants and sailing shoes. With the BWLern it can be also times a check shirt with jeans. The female faction is dressed in pearl earrings and a blouse. But the Longchamp bag, elegantly worn at the elbow, is a must. In addition, a braid or strict chignon – and the outfit is perfect. On cold days, both men and women wear a quilted jacket, preferably from British luxury brands. Often, a knitted sweater is casually draped around the shoulders.

Religious affiliation: children should be allowed to decide for themselves?

Religious affiliation: children should be allowed to decide for themselves?

Even if religion and belief in God is losing more and more importance in today's world and churches are becoming increasingly empty, baptism is still very widespread. Even if the parents themselves have little to do with the church, they usually have their child baptized according to their own denomination and thus determine the child's religious affiliation. But shouldn't a child have the right to decide for himself here?

Which purpose has the baptism actually?

With the baptism the entrance into the Christianity is carried out. The parents, as well as the fixed baptism godfathers, confess in the name of the child the faith in Jesus Christ and promise a Christian education of the baptized child. In the Protestant faith, the baptized person makes this profession of faith once again in the context of confirmation; in the Roman Catholic faith, a renewal of the baptismal promise is part of confirmation. But why do parents make the decision for a faith for their child? Does a child have to have the same faith as his or her parents??