Gabriel against schaubles eu plan – support for macron

Gabriel against schaubles eu plan - support for macron

Aubenminister sigmar gabriel (SPD) has criticized the european policy plans of finance minister wolfgang schauble (CDU) and backed the reform concept of french president emmanuel macron.

Schauble's proposals on economic and monetary union show "in an impressive way" how little willingness there is in the finance ministry to invest in the idea of european unification as a whole, it says in a draft policy paper by the foreign office under the title "europe needs visions instead of technocracy". First the ARD capital studio had reported about it on wednesday.

Modernized federal armed forces: von der leyen presents master plan

Modernized federal armed forces: von der leyen presents master plan

Defense minister ursula von der leyen (CDU) wants to end the lack of equipment in the german armed forces and spend billions on comprehensive modernization.

"After long periods of contraction, we are now back in a period of growth," the CDU politician said tuesday during a visit to the naval operations school in bremerhaven. To this end, the minister has commissioned a so-called capabilities profile, which describes the structure of a modern army up to the year 2031.

Levi strauss has returned

Under the motto "levi's come back – the return of levi strauss the ceremony for the unveiling of the life-size levi strauss bronze figure, which was donated by the forderverein levi strauss geburtshaus e.V. Under the leadership of the board of directors christoph gatz and erich werner the market buttenheim donated. The handover took place on the occasion of the museum's 20th anniversary. Since the planned celebrations had to be cancelled due to the current pandemic situation, the forderverein wants to set a sign here to remain active, to gather forces, to develop ideas and to point out new ways, according to the museum's press release.

The figure honors a man who made a unique journey from a youngster in buttenheim in upper franconia to a successful man in america, who became an important member of american society, who, out of his faith and his social attitude, generously endowed many people and institutions with foundations, gifts and scholarships, and who, despite his successes, kept both feet on the ground.

Weibenohe: paradise for hikers, nature lovers and beer connoisseurs

The initial niche program "vacation on the farm has grown more and more, not least thanks to the unique natural phenomenon of the sinter steps. "Together with the local and tourist association, the community has opened up the lillach valley in a new way", declares mayor rudi braun. The natural wonder of the sinter steps has made weibenohe well known and is therefore also a great attraction for the people of neuburg.

Surely the locals know their "treasure chest" although every peculiarity brings with it some unpleasant sides. The many parked cars, streams of visitors on sundays and holidays, but also more serious abuse, such as vandalism, show the dark side of the village. Many hiking trails converge in weibenohe, such as the frankenweg, which starts in thuringen, the kulturerlebnisweg and last but not least the "funf-seidla-steig".

St. Nicholas still inspires respect in children

St. Nicholas still inspires respect in children

The little one was not interested in them at all, but he was patient anyway. A "few pleasant hours in wintry advent weather" mayor robert herrmann wished all the visitors. But max was already happy in the morning about the snow that had fallen overnight. Christina seebach-kunzel, spokeswoman for the tourism and advertising association, even acted as if she had arranged the timing. Snowfall on the first advent, perfect for one of the most popular christmas markets in the region, where all the businessmen had to work hard.

70 stands were there this year. Earlier there were many more. Over 130 had already been paid. But the visitors hardly notice it, but enjoy the offer. "There are calendars with nude ice cream", one has noticed, and not bought.

Trump criticizes germany over baltic sea pipeline

Last week, the federal maritime and hydrographic agency issued a permit for a 31-kilometer section in the waters of the exclusive economic zone, as did the stralsund mining authority. A subsidiary of the russian state-owned gazprom wants to start construction work this spring.

Germany is currently not fulfilling its nato obligations with defense spending of only one percent of gross domestic product, but is supporting russia in the pipeline project, trump said. The u.S. Is just under four percent in defense spending. According to nato decisions, member countries are supposed to contribute two percent, but at the moment very few of them are doing so.

Environmental station as a bone of contention: what happens next in marktsteft??

In the beginning there was this plan: the town of marktsteft is bringing new life to its old harbor. The county wants to use part of the facility – about 30 percent of the available space in a rough industrial hall – to build an environmental station. A prestigious project with a focus on education for sustainable development (ESD).

So far the plan, which was brought in may 2019 on the way. With a lot of goodwill, a few promises and a clear schedule: the environmental station can go into operation in the fall of 2021. Time went by, there were delays and corona, things got bumpy, nerves started to fray. Marktsteft increasingly attracts the displeasure of many district councillors. There were deadlines, ultimatums – and never a real go-ahead for the project.

Protection for the memorial

Protection for the memorial

Due to the construction work on geyersworth castle, the witch memorial was removed from its place of installation to avoid potential damage caused by the construction work. Since tuesday, a flat lawn is being prepared on schonleinsplatz, opposite the main entrance of the savings bank, to temporarily provide a central location for the memorial. "I am pleased that such a prominent transitional site could be found for the witch memorial, in coordination with the artists", emphasizes culture mayor christian lange, in the press release from the city hall.

The monastery of bamberg was at the beginning of the 17. At the beginning of the 20th century a center of "witch persecution in the holy roman empire of the german nation. Over 1000 men, women and children, regardless of age or social background, fell victim to this witch mania, were tortured and killed. After a nationwide competition, the essen artist couple miriam giebler and hubert sandmann created a memorial that impressively recalls these events as a brand in the form of a light installation.

How to replace a turn signal switch

How to replace a turn signal switch

Turn signal switches have become complicated over the years. What was once just a lever to activate the turn signals has added more functions: Headlight dimmers, flashing lights and even the horn button. Other stalks have also sprouted from the steering column, including wiper controls and cruise control. Each addition has made changing the turn signal switch just a little more complicated.

If the turn signal switch fails, it will probably be difficult to use it at first. Seems to be loose or stops when you finish a turn. The turn signals could stop working, or the headlight dimming function becomes intermittent.

Future of tourism: “traveling as cheaply as possible must stop”

Travel habits will look significantly different in the future after the corona pandemic. Getting to know foreign countries and people will become more of a focus, according to tourism expert Urs Weber, market manager for Switzerland-Tourism Austria. "The times in which one comes as cheaply as possible, as quickly as possible in a completely different environment, are over in my opinion" shows Urs Weber in the pressetext interview convinced. "Sustainability will come more and more out of the greenie and vegan corner. Many people will realize that it is simply not okay to fly to Naples or London for 100, 50 or even less euros," Weber criticizes.

Railroads in the fast lane in the future

Weber is convinced that other means of transportation, such as rail, will increase significantly. "In Switzerland, we have already had an excellently developed and also intermodally coordinated transport system for a long time. This means that connections between trains, buses and ships are coordinated with each other. In addition, that can be used with the Swiss Travel Pass – that is, with only one ticket."