Good news for car drivers in bavaria: better regional classes from 2018 onwards

There is good news for drivers in Bavaria. Because on New Year's Eve, not only do the annual figures change, but also the regional classes into which the German Insurance Association (GDV) divides the claims balances of the approximately 400 registration districts in Germany. Motorists in Aschaffenburg, Passau, Rosenheim and Regensburg will have cheaper motor liability insurance in the future, but GDV will give motorists in Hof, Roth and Lindau a higher rating from 2018.

Accident statistics 2017: Bamberg a role model for the whole of Germany

Where do road users cause a particularly large number of claims that are expensive for insurers, and where do they only rarely crash?? This is what the GDV determines every year. There are a few surprises in store for 2018 – both nice and not so nice. In Bavaria, for example, more than 1.9 million drivers can look forward to more favorable conditions for their car insurance, because in Aschaffenburg, Passau, Dachau, Rosenheim and in the districts of Bayreuth and Regensburg, they will be placed in a lower regional class. But for just under 400.000 vehicle owners in six registration districts the decision of the GDV is less pleasing: They are classified in the coming year in higher regional classes.

Pension – what you need to know

Even if you don't really feel like it, sooner or later you'll have to deal with it anyway. Better earlier. So go ahead – it's not that complicated.

Pension - what you need to know

Logically, as a young person you don't necessarily like to think about old age. Your own pension still seems a long way off. The only thing is that your pension depends on how much you pay in as a young person. That's why it makes sense to learn early on how the pension system works.

The adac: on the dark side of power?

Last week a lady from ADAC called me. Recently I had a question, actually got an answer and the call was for quality assurance. Whether I was satisfied. Or had any problems. Interesting. And good. I like.

In the recent past, the only thing you heard from ADAC was some headlines about board members misbehaving, about an association acting like a big company, about behavior that didn’t live up to its own standards. And in the meantime it has become a little quieter again. Reason enough to do a little soul-searching and think about the ADAC thing for me. I would like to do these considerations alone and in peace. Leiste me thereby company.

Moving in together the right way part 1: official formalities and moving house

The decision to move in together is a big step for a couple. Finally having a place together, more time for each other, and perhaps family planning…but these are not the only benefits of living together. How you can move in together properly and save a lot of money, I will tell you in the series of articles “Moving in together properly”. In the first part, we will first look at the formalities and administrative procedures involved in your move.

Signing the lease together

It doesn’t matter whether you move into a new apartment together or one of the partners simply moves into the existing apartment: You should always sign the lease together. Only in this way do you both have the same rights, but also the same obligations. Of course, you don’t want to think about a breakup when you’re freshly moving in together, yet it could happen that your partner simply moves out and you’re left with the rent debt. It is therefore important that both tenants are listed in the rental agreement. If one of the two wants to move out, you should make a lease termination agreement. But that’s not the only advantage of a joint rental agreement: It strengthens the feeling of togetherness and prevents one partner from simply “kicking the other out the door”.

A charming smile does not have to be expensive

A charming smile does not have to be expensive

A beautiful smile looks good on everyone. Provided that you also have nice teeth. Because with well-groomed teeth, not only hearty laughter is fun. You also look more attractive and are usually more successful in your job. Even though shape and color are predetermined in humans, everyone can do something for their dental care through a tooth-healthy diet and regular dental care.

How to find the right wheelchair for your needs

From a standard wheelchair to a power wheelchair – what types of wheelchairs are there??

The main types of wheelchairs are the following:

Standard wheelchair

  • cheap
  • with basic equipment
  • few adaptation possibilities
  • stable, but heavy
  • low comfort
  • can also be rented
  • as a temporary solution
  • for patient transport
  • with an accompanying person

Lightweight wheelchair

  • available at a reasonable price depending on the model
  • more adjustment and adaptation possibilities than a standard wheelchair
  • light and easy to operate
  • not suitable for every surface
  • depending on the model for permanent use
  • for self-propelling and pushing
  • for most environments

Active wheelchair

  • Many customization options
  • low weight
  • available in many different models
  • can be moved well without help
  • for permanent use
  • depending on the model for sports

Care wheelchair

  • large and heavy
  • very many equipment possibilities
  • expensive
  • hardly to move by yourself
  • for severely disabled people
  • for transport and storage

Power wheelchair

  • with electric motor for easy locomotion
  • many different equipment options
  • Different steering options
  • more expensive than manual wheelchairs
  • depending on the model heavy
  • for people who find it difficult or impossible to operate a wheelchair manually
  • also for longer distances and slopes
  • depending on the model for indoor or outdoor use or both

Children's wheelchair

You can get different types of wheelchairs, for example, active or power wheelchairs, in designs for children. Make sure that a children's wheelchair has enough adjustment options to grow with the child and to offer children as much freedom of movement as possible. Apart from these types of wheelchairs, you can get wheelchairs for special needs in specialized stores. This includes, for example, all-terrain wheelchairs or beach wheelchairs. Shower wheelchairs are used specifically for toileting and showering.

Insurance + simple maintenance contract as an alternative to a full maintenance contract? – interview with martina beese

With Martina Beese, lawyer of the law firm Engemann& Partner, Lippstadt, we talked about supplementary insurance and its role as a complement to full maintenance.

Both operators of new plants in the tendering process and lower compensation and operators of plants that will no longer receive government subsidies from 2020 onwards will have to rethink their maintenance and servicing concepts in view of the increasing cost pressure. It is often discussed to conclude a maintenance contract with a lower scope of services instead of a full maintenance contract and to fill the resulting “gaps” with machine insurance policies.