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With expertise and insistence against stingy insurances

With expertise and insistence against stingy insurances

Darwiche automotive engineering office opens in Worms city center

At the beginning of November, the Darwiche automotive engineering office for damage and assessment celebrated its opening in Siegfried Street. Accident victims will find competent advice and support here in the future, with a special focus on pitfalls in accident settlement.

In the case of liability damage, the injured party always has the right to an independent motor vehicle expert. You should insist on this in the event of damage, also explains Ing. Mouhamed Darwiche, who has set up his own engineering office as an expert. Insurance companies are increasingly offering claimants the option of submitting photos of the vehicle damage themselves via apps or websites, or of hiring their own experts. In this case, it is up to the opposing insurance company to determine the amount of the damage. For injured parties, this is a potential pitfall in the claims settlement, also finds Mouhamed Darwiche. The owner of the engineering office says: “Cases are known, in which large insurance companies pursue their own interests and accident victims are left out in the cold. It is important for me to educate my clients about these practices.”

What is the cost of voluntary insurance with the aok?

What is the monthly cost of voluntary health insurance with the AOK?? approx. 14, 5 % of your monthly income plus approx. 3 % for the care insurance, which is also obligatory. MINIMUM CONTRIBUTION together ca 180 € 2019 the contribution rate for health insurance at the AOK PLUS is 15.2 percent.

Can you take out voluntary health insurance with the AOK?

Voluntary health insurance with AOK | AOK Voluntary health insurance with AOK Many people have the option of taking out voluntary health insurance with AOK. This is a good choice, because you will enjoy the reliable protection of the statutory health insurance (GKV).

Which travel insurances are recommended for great britain??

Which travel insurances are recommended for great britain??

Great Britain is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s no wonder that around 3 million Germans set off each year to explore the British Isle. This is not surprising, as the UK has a lot to offer: from a city break in one of the major cities such as London, Manchester or Edinburgh, to an extended golf vacation in Scotland, some of which are considered the best golf courses in Europe, or following in the footsteps of Harry Potter and visiting not only the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London, but also other filming locations such as King’s Cross Station, Gloucester Cathedral or Leadenhall Market.

The desire for tuning: consistently exhausting all legal possibilities

The desire for tuning: consistently exhausting all legal possibilities

Tuning has almost become a popular sport. In the classic categories of speed, styling, and power, almost any means will do to get you noticed. Whether it's an elaborate increase in displacement, special chameleon paint jobs, a bubbling sports exhaust or, say, super-light carbon crankshafts: the main thing is that your own vehicle is really pimped out.

The investments often run into the tens of thousands for passionate tuning fans. However, if speed freaks and hard-core mechanics do not adhere to the rules, frustration instead of pleasure is the result.

Liability insurance

If there is incorrect advice, a failure to meet a deadline, a faulty expert opinion or a planning error, this can result in high claims for damages. Anyone who, in the course of their professional activities, advises, publishes, examines, assesses, certifies, administers or enforces, must also deal with the consequences of possible omissions or errors in their activities. Various professional groups require a pecuniary loss liability insurance for this purpose.

This insurance cover is granted to members of various liberal professions, civil servants and employees in offices, authorities, municipalities, corporations, chambers, institutions, housing companies or, for example, associations.

Liability waiver for voluntary

Liability waiver for voluntary

This indemnity is paid by the volunteer for the benefit of Habitat for Humanity Germany e.V. (“Habitat for Humanity”), Auf dem Berlich 30, 50667 Cologne, Germany, and any other Habitat for Humanity facility, its affiliates, management personnel, employees, sponsors, supporters, volunteers and aides declared (collectively, “Indemnified Persons”).


I, the volunteer, would like to volunteer for a project of one or more of the exempted persons free of charge. I will follow the instructions of the local project management. I am aware that my activities may include the following in particular: Demolition work, construction debris removal, construction and repair of buildings, providing assistance in distressed areas, working in offices and at Habitat for Humanity work sites, other construction related activities, transfers to and from work sites, sharing meals u.a. (the “Activities”).

Private accident insurance

A private accident insurance Dortmund covers financial consequences of an accident.

Who needs accident insurance?

Private accident insurance is usually a one-time payment and covers the consequences if an accident causes temporary or permanent physical damage. It is a very useful insurance that can be used, for example, to convert the apartment or vehicle to wheelchair or disabled access or to compensate for a loss of earned income.

Specialized inpatient palliative care

Anyone suffering from a far-advanced illness, with no prospect of a cure and who is also struggling with severe symptoms, generally receives palliative care in Germany. Recently, this option is often already available for initial diagnoses of malignant tumors or chronic diseases. Care can be provided on an outpatient basis by trained general practitioners and specialists as well as trained nursing staff, or on an inpatient basis. In the first case, this is so-called "specialized outpatient palliative care" (SAPV) or "specialized inpatient palliative care" (SSPV).

Those who superficially deal with palliative care might at first glance get the impression that care by palliative physicians and nurses is purely end-of-life care. However, this is not the case, as Dr. med. Yann-Nicolas Batzler, a specialist in urology and palliative medicine at the Interdisciplinary Center for Palliative Medicine (IZP) at the University Hospital Dusseldorf (UKD) explains: "We are trying to change the way people think and look at palliative medicine. Palliative medicine has long since ceased to be the care of the dying, as many people might think. For us palliative physicians, it is about accompanying patients in the early stages of an illness, pointing out possible care options and determining the various options for symptom control. Studies show that the earlier palliative medicine is on board, the fewer symptoms occur and the better the quality of life with system therapies. I think it's very important to know that. Palliative care is there for symptom management, to be a strong support and knowledgeable and helpful contact in the treatment and to maintain or increase the quality of life of those affected as best as possible."