Skilled trades welcome strengthening of company pension

Small businesses and low-income earners in particular are set to benefit: The craftsmen’s association welcomes the new company pension scheme.

Politicians have been wrestling with the bill for a long time, but now the coalition has agreed on a compromise. The planned Company Pension Strengthening Act is intended to make company pension plans more attractive, especially in small companies and for low-wage earners. It happened on 1. June passed by the Bundestag.

How does motor liability insurance determine the insurance premium??

How does motor liability insurance determine the insurance premium??

For many drivers, the premium calculation of the insurer is a book with seven seals. In fact, several criteria play a role. Basically, every car model in Germany is assigned to a type class. The allocation is done by the insurers and takes into account certain experience values. Which car model, for example, is stolen particularly often? Are there vehicles that are involved in accidents more often than others.

The annual loss statistics are used to determine the values. The classification in liability insurance is in type classes ten to 25, while partial coverage has classes ten to 33 and comprehensive insurance is rated in type classes from ten to 34. For the insured, the higher the type class for their motor vehicle, the higher the premium they have to pay.

Going to hospital in belgium

Belgium: The political center of the European Union

Belgian chocolate is an export hit of Germany's western neighbor, with many travelers taking the opportunity to sample the sweet treat on the spot. But not only the fine chocolate is a reason to visit Belgium.

Going to hospital in belgium

With its capital Brussels, Belgium is the political center of the European Union, and with the seaport of Antwerp, the second largest port in Europe, it is a very important economic hub. Belgium is located in the direct vicinity of the most populous countries in the EU. To the east to Germany, to the south to France and to the north to the Netherlands. Until the departure of England from the EU, whose famous cliffs of Dover are only about 50 kilometers across the North Sea from the Belgian coast, the British Isles were also important recipients and senders of trade goods to and from Belgium.

Traveling with motorhome – advantages and disadvantages

Traveling with motorhome - advantages and disadvantages

Traveling by motorhome is quite the trend and the number of motorhomes has been steadily increasing in recent years. In Germany, there were around 332,160 registered mobile homes in 2011. By 2020, the number had increased to approximately 590,000. Traveling by motorhome has many advantages. For some beginners this kind of travel proves however as disadvantageous and the dream of the vacation on four wheels crumbles not rarely already during the first route.

Traveling with a motorhome – flexibility and other advantages

The biggest plus points of touring with a motorhome are:


Book moving helpers – what do I need to consider?

This article is for those who have a move coming up and are in the midst of preparing and planning for it.

There are many things to consider when moving. Good organization is therefore extremely important.

Certified auto paint shops in the vicinity

Find certified auto paint shop near you for all types of paint work

The variety of possible repair options makes a visit to an auto paint shop indispensable even for minor paint damage. If scratches are not professionally repaired and, if necessary, painted, the damage will still be visible after repair and will reduce the current value of the vehicle. In addition, there is a risk that sensitive electronic components – such as sensors of parking aids or for environmental monitoring for modern driver assistance systems – could be disturbed by the application of paint and thus provoke consequential damage. Only with daily access to the manufacturer's instructions for vehicle repair can such mistakes be safely avoided.

You can quickly and easily find a certified auto paint shop in your area that is suitable for your individual damage pattern using the FairGarage workshop search function. In dialogue with the experts on site, the appropriate repair route and the expected repair costs can be determined. Modern and highly qualified auto paint shops from our listing are available for complete paint jobs as well as for Smart resp. Spot repair methods best equipped. In the event of an insurance claim, our partner paint store will handle the entire claim with the car insurance company.

How does pet insurance work?

How does pet insurance work?

According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, there are 179 million pets in North America, causing an estimated $58. 5 billion in annual expenditures. Vet care is the third largest expense in the category and costs pet owners about $15. 25 billion per year.

Americans have taken note of the rising cost of veterinary care. More than one million pets are now covered by pet insurance, at a collective cost of $595 million. It's a relatively new industry: it wasn't until that famous dog, Lassie, got pet insurance in 1982 that pet insurance became a formalized option. Since 2009, the industry has grown an average of 13.2% annually; From 2012 to 2013, there was a 14.6% increase in active policies.

Sick on vacation: medically accompanied return flight

Many travelers feel that their vacation is the best time of the year: Depending on your preferences, you can finally relax during the trip, possibly get to know a new culture abroad or pursue your favorite leisure activities. But all the joys of a vacation can be brought to an abrupt end by a serious illness. Suddenly you have to seek medical treatment far away from home and a return flight under your own power is impossible.

Sick on vacation: medically accompanied return flight

Since the medical situation in many popular vacation countries does not meet the standards to which they are accustomed from home, many sick tourists would still like to cut short their vacation and return home quickly. The solution: a medically accompanied return flight.

Here’s how to finance dental replacements and restorations

Having beautiful and healthy teeth is becoming more and more a matter of money. Bridges, crowns or implants are an expensive investment that can represent a major financial burden due to the high co-payments of patients with statutory health insurance. What options are there for financing these dental visits?

Here's how to finance dental replacements and restorations

Since 2005, health insurance companies have only paid a certain fixed allowance for dental bridges, crowns and implants as part of the standard treatment. This amounts to about half the cost of the treatment. The higher co-payments mean that more responsibility is transferred to the patient. But if such a treatment should really be necessary, the claimed co-payment is for many hardly affordable. Even with supplementary dental insurance, this can still be 20 to 30% – not everyone can easily pay for that. Most completely forgo the necessary treatments instead of exploring possible financing options.