Care of your front door

Unlike interior doors, front doors are exposed to environmental influences. While in winter low temperatures affect the outer surface, in summer it is intense sunlight that causes fading of the surface if not properly maintained. Also, the models must be resistant to moisture, otherwise it will cause weathering and shorten the life of your front door.


Care of your front door


General measures for regular cleaning

To remove dirt from the surface of your front door you should always use water. If the cleaning is dry, dirt particles can have an abrasive effect and cause unsightly scratches. The cleaning agent should be adapted to the material.

Since not only dirt, but also pollen, exhaust fumes and bird excrement can settle on the front door, you should carry out the cleaning of the door leaf regularly. Otherwise, it can lead to the formation of a heavy layer of dirt. The more stubborn the dirt is, the more difficult it is to remove the settled dirt. In addition to the door leaf, you should also regularly remove dirt from the door frame and the door lock.

Care tips for wooden doors


Wood is not only convincing due to its positive properties, such as aesthetic design and heat-insulating properties. If you choose a front door made of wood, you should be prepared for the greater amount of care required compared to other materials.


Care of your front door


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Regular maintenance of wooden doors

For regular maintenance of treated wood surfaces, simply dissolve a few squirts of dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water. Dip into this a non-scratching cotton cloth and wring it out. The damp cloth reliably removes everyday dirt. For more stubborn stains you can use soft soap, which can be used just like washing-up liquid.

Sometimes also stubborn grease stains have settled on the wooden door. Then you should resort to vinegar cleaner. In case of lime stains, distilled water is a good remedy to remove the stain. All in all it is not necessary to use chemicals and pollute the environment unnecessarily.

Dust settles more quickly on the relief of coffered doors in which a classic pattern is embedded with profiling than on smooth surfaces. Therefore, these models require more maintenance.


Care of your front door


Annual refreshing of the surface protection

Once a year, the primer should also be refreshed, so that no weather damage occurs. If moisture penetrates the surface, cracks can occur, which limit the stability.


Care of your front door


If cracks have already formed on the surface, it is necessary to apply an additional coat of varnish. If you don't, water can penetrate the material unhindered. This leads to swelling of the wood, which limits the function of the front door and makes it difficult or even impossible to open and close the model.

Oiled or waxed wood should not be exposed to too much water, as damage to the material may occur. If the dirt on your wooden door sits particularly deep, it cannot be removed with a cloth. Then the only thing that helps is sanding down the material and resurfacing with oil, wax or varnish.

When applying the protective agent, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the coating is suitable for your wooden door. When painting, you should only apply a thin layer and allow enough time for drying.

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Care tips for plastic doors

Plastic doors are easier to maintain than wooden doors due to their smooth surface. It is sufficient to clean the models from settled dirt twice a year with soap suds and water. You should refrain from using abrasive cleaning agents on the material, as unsightly scratches can occur. Rough sponges should also not be used.


In the case of white, unpainted plastic doors, the surface will turn yellow after some time due to environmental influences. You can tackle these unsightly discolorations with dirt erasers. After moistening, simply rub it over the soiled area. The eraser dissolves, taking the dirt with it. Acetone-free nail polish remover can also help with yellowed areas. However, you should first test in an inconspicuous place that no damage is caused by the agent.

Even white-painted plastic front doors discolor over time, as the linseed oil they contain turns yellow over time. This color change is not so easy to remove. If you want the white shine back, you need to repaint the front door.


Care of your front door


Care tips for aluminum doors

Front doors made of aluminum are very robust and weatherproof due to the coating usually applied at the factory. Therefore, the care of these models is also very easy to accomplish. Just as with other surfaces, you should use soft textiles for cleaning. Often the use of lukewarm water is enough for maintenance. Hot water is not recommended, as it can damage the surface.

The surface of aluminum doors is partly also made durable by anodizing. In this case, an anodized cleaner is suitable for thorough surface care. When using the special agent, you must make absolutely sure that the sealing rubbers and plastic surfaces do not come into contact with the cleaner.


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To clean the seals on your front door from dirt, you can use special care milk. This also ensures that the rubber does not become brittle so quickly and your front door is well protected against heat loss and noise pollution by intact seals.

Note: In the anodizing process, a corrosion-resistant and chemically resistant oxide layer is created by converting the upper layer on the aluminum material. This has a special hardness, which provides additional stability.

Use the right cleaner

If stubborn stains have settled on the surface that cannot be removed with plain water, then rely on ph-neutral (5.5 to 7) soap. This advice is very important, because a cleaner that is not ph-neutral can cause a chemical reaction with the aluminum material. As a result, unsightly stains appear on the anodized layer. The powder coating can even peel off. We also advise against cleaning with a steam jet, as the hot steam can cause damage.

Eliminate scratches in the surface

Despite the robustness of the coated aluminum material, scratches may appear on the surface. If your front door is powder-coated, then a paint or special repair pen can remedy the situation. Manufacturers often have such products in their program. No additional layer can be applied to an anodized surface, which is why a repair pen cannot be used here. For minor damage, it helps to use a fine grinding stone on the area around the scratch. Then the damaged area appears more even again and the scratch is less noticeable.

Care tips for glass surfaces

Many front doors are fitted with glass panels that let in sunlight and thus make the interior more welcoming. If it is light cutouts in wooden doors, you should make sure that you do not clean the door with a cloth that is too wet. Otherwise, the water can get into the joints between the wood and the glass material. Conventional glass cleaner is suitable for cleaning the glass surfaces. This prevents the formation of unsightly streaks. Overall, the care of doors with glass cutouts is more complex.

All-glass doors are rarely used for front doors, as they offer a lot of aesthetics but little protection against burglary. If you choose a stylish front door made of glass, you should secure it with an electronic monitoring system. In addition, you should be prepared for the higher maintenance effort compared to front doors made of other materials.

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