Part-time study – what options are there?

There are many different reasons why students are not able to study full-time. For many students, only part-time study is an option for personal, professional or financial reasons. We show you which options are available and what the biggest differences are compared to full-time studies.

Part-time study - what options are there?

Part-time studies

In order to give as many students as possible access to an academic degree, it has been possible for some time to study part-time. Part-time studies can be completed while having a family and a job. Part-time study at a university means extending a full-time course of study by a maximum of twice the number of semesters. The standard period of study is extended and only half of the normally scheduled work must be completed per semester. A bachelor's degree, which lasts 6 semesters as a full-time program, can last between 8 and 12 semesters as a part-time program.

Guide to the german work permit and the eu blue card

Guide to the german work permit and the eu blue card

The EU Blue Card / Blaue Karte EU was originally introduced by Germany in 2012 to make up for the shortfall of skilled workers in selected professions by cutting red tape and making immigration easier for non-EU citizens. It is often compared to the US Green Card, which serves a similar purpose in the United States of America. However, since the EU Blue Card / EU Blue Card requires a university degree, professionals who, for example, have undergone an intensive course or have a degree in an unrelated subject cannot apply for it. To counteract this problem, Germany offers a similar option to those affected, which does not require a degree, but still offers the benefits of a Blue Card: The German Work Permit.

Living and working in lyon and auvergne-rhone-alpes

Living and working in lyon and auvergne-rhone-alpes

Many people only think of Paris when they think of working in France, but Lyon and the Rhone-Alpes region are also an interesting region, the workshop of France, so to speak. The region, which is less known in Germany, is one of the most attractive and dynamic economic regions in France and has a lot to offer on many levels. This region is also interesting for German employees, because many international companies are located here and are increasingly looking for new employees. In addition to its world-famous gastronomy, the region also has a lot to offer in terms of quality of life!

Good news for car drivers in bavaria: better regional classes from 2018 onwards

There is good news for drivers in Bavaria. Because on New Year's Eve, not only do the annual figures change, but also the regional classes into which the German Insurance Association (GDV) divides the claims balances of the approximately 400 registration districts in Germany. Motorists in Aschaffenburg, Passau, Rosenheim and Regensburg will have cheaper motor liability insurance in the future, but GDV will give motorists in Hof, Roth and Lindau a higher rating from 2018.

Accident statistics 2017: Bamberg a role model for the whole of Germany

Where do road users cause a particularly large number of claims that are expensive for insurers, and where do they only rarely crash?? This is what the GDV determines every year. There are a few surprises in store for 2018 – both nice and not so nice. In Bavaria, for example, more than 1.9 million drivers can look forward to more favorable conditions for their car insurance, because in Aschaffenburg, Passau, Dachau, Rosenheim and in the districts of Bayreuth and Regensburg, they will be placed in a lower regional class. But for just under 400.000 vehicle owners in six registration districts the decision of the GDV is less pleasing: They are classified in the coming year in higher regional classes.

Pension – what you need to know

Even if you don't really feel like it, sooner or later you'll have to deal with it anyway. Better earlier. So go ahead – it's not that complicated.

Pension - what you need to know

Logically, as a young person you don't necessarily like to think about old age. Your own pension still seems a long way off. The only thing is that your pension depends on how much you pay in as a young person. That's why it makes sense to learn early on how the pension system works.

Living as a german expat in france: 8 tips against loneliness

Living as a german expat in france: 8 tips against loneliness

No matter how happy you are to find a new job in France or to finally sign a lease for an apartment in Paris, emigrating is a drastic change in your life that not only has to be managed organizationally, but also psychologically. We offer 8 tips for current and future expatriates to combat loneliness, stress or insecurity in the face of a new cultural and social environment in order to better settle into your new life in France and “arrive” mentally.

The adac: on the dark side of power?

Last week a lady from ADAC called me. Recently I had a question, actually got an answer and the call was for quality assurance. Whether I was satisfied. Or had any problems. Interesting. And good. I like.

In the recent past, the only thing you heard from ADAC was some headlines about board members misbehaving, about an association acting like a big company, about behavior that didn’t live up to its own standards. And in the meantime it has become a little quieter again. Reason enough to do a little soul-searching and think about the ADAC thing for me. I would like to do these considerations alone and in peace. Leiste me thereby company.