Apprenticeship, matura, study: the agony of the choice of education

Apprenticeship, matura, study: the agony of the choice of education

Children will still have many decisions taken away from them. But at the age of 15 at the latest, it’s your turn: keep on going to school? If yes, which type of school may it be? An apprenticeship and thus quickly stand on your own two feet financially? Or do you already have a degree program in mind that interests you?? First of all, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to choose your future career path. However, we have looked at which paths you could take and which talents you should ideally bring along for it.

Type A: Teaching – the starter

If you’ve had enough of asking mom and dad for money before every shopping trip, you shouldn’t hesitate for long and find the right apprenticeship. It’s the way to go for tacklers, for those who like to stand on their own two feet.

There is a wide range of industries and occupations covered. Many of them require manual skills, others more soft skills such as communication talent, initiative and reliability. The second group includes, for example, training to become a bank clerk or a banker. to become an insurance salesman / saleswoman.

You can find out which apprenticeship is right for you with a potential analysis, for example. Many of these tests are now available online, for example the “AMS Occupational Compass” and the “AMS Youth Compass”. Our blog also offers you some guidance. The Chamber of Commerce’s in-person “talent check” is especially recommended and will clearly show you where your strengths lie.

Type B: Matura – the indecisive one

Things are going well at school – but you’re not quite sure yet what career direction you want to take. Then you’re the prototype of the “indecisive” person. Do not worry, this is not bad. Many of us still need to orient ourselves at a young age. In this case it is a good idea to extend your school career by a few years. Because with the Matura many paths are open to you.

In vocational secondary schools you will already be prepared for a specific profession. Typical examples are HTL, HAK, tourism schools or also the higher educational institutions for economic professions. But that doesn’t mean you have to take up a corresponding profession. Apprenticeship, university studies or a completely different education are the other options open to you.

In the AHS (colloquially: Gymnasium or Gym) the focus is on a comprehensive general education. Here you can also start an apprenticeship or go in the direction of a university or university of applied sciences. Or a hot tip: With the “Dual Academy” of the Chamber of Commerce, you can prepare yourself even better for your professional future after graduating from high school.

Type C: Vocational baccalaureate or evening baccalaureate – the athlete

An athlete is looking for a challenge. There is hardly a greater challenge than an apprenticeship or a traineeship. Profession and Matura … at the same time. The Berufsreifeprufung is usually started in parallel with the apprenticeship. The advantages of both paths – practical vocational training and own income or. study qualification) are combined here. The disadvantage is of course the double burden.

The same applies to the evening baccalaureate, which can be started long after the apprenticeship has ended. Here too, however, it is a matter of buckling down. Because after a long day at work, you need to study for two, three or even four hours, which requires sporting ambition.

Type D: Study – the organized one

You already know that you want to study and what you want to study. Congratulations, then you have your future planning firmly under control. However, there are still some challenges waiting for you after the Matura – and this does not only mean work and exams.

Students usually no longer have a fixed timetable and thus not always a fixed daily routine. They have to organize themselves, set priorities and, on the side, finance their lives with quite little money. In a way, studying is like project management: you only know the goal, you have to find the way yourself.

A, B, C or D ..

… there is one piece of good news in any case: If you have a talent for dealing with numbers, a confident manner, are reliable, punctual and a team player, then the doors in the banking and insurance industry will always be open to you. Take a look at the current job and training offers in this exciting sector.

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