Animal bites on the car and its consequences


Animal bites on the car and its consequences


Few animals are as demonized by motorists as the marten. A visit of this predator in the engine compartment of your own car can have costly consequences. We clarify.

According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), in 2018, about 198.000 insurance claims for damage to vehicles caused by marten bites have been reported, resulting in total costs of 69 million euros. Although the marten family also includes otters and beavers, the majority of damage is caused by the "real martens" such as the stone marten. The small predators are native to all of Central Europe and used to be found primarily in the countryside, but are now venturing into urban parks and outlying areas as well. This advance of martens has inevitably led to an increasing number of bites on vehicles since the 1980s.

Especially in the evening, after work, when the cars with still warm engines are parked and not used until the morning, the marten likes to use them as a shelter and mark them as a territory. If a fellow marten comes and wants to claim the engine compartment for itself, aggressive confrontations with bite attacks can occur. The turf war often flares up when vehicles are moved from one precinct to another: From home to work and back, for example.

Particularly often fall victim to the bites ignition cables, hoses, wires and their insulation, drive shafts and the like.

Does the insurance pay in case of marten bites?

Partial comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by marten and animal bites. It is important to note the deductible, which can reduce the final sum insured.

Replacing bitten small parts can be inconvenient and expensive, but should never be put off, as even more expensive and much more dangerous consequential damage can occur if the marten damage was not noticed in time. It becomes annoying at the latest when your insurance has a maximum compensation limit, which you could exceed significantly with consequential damages, depending on the provider. Also, make sure your policy states "animal bites" instead of "damage caused by marten bites," as other small animals such as rats or cats can also cause damage to the engine compartment, which can be distinguished by their teeth marks. We advise you gladly comprehensively with their KFZ insurance.

Disclaimer: This class information gives you information about the scope of benefits that the named insurance usually has. The actual insurance conditions differ from this depending on the provider / product. This line of business information is intended solely for general information about insurance and possible benefits and claims.

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