A place for artists from all over the world is being created in kleinvichtach

It's dusty, the stairs are covered with cardboard. Old window frames in the hallway, hammering on the second floor. The old house in kleinvichtach is a construction site. But cristian ianza is sure that it will become something great. The artist realizes his rough wish. He wanted to establish a summer camp for artists in the middle of the marktrodach district.

Actually he wanted to buy a house in greece. "I love the sea", says ianza. But then, in november of last year, he decided in favor of the district of kronach. "Kronach is simply my second home, explains the ceramist and sculptor, who came from romania decades ago as an asylum seeker. In the meantime he lives there again. Exhibitions, friends and the international art project "holzart move back to upper franconia on a regular basis. Now he has another reason to come to germany.

The building in kleinvichtach had to be completely renovated, but that appealed to ianza. The facade of the house is completely new, and three of the rooms on the upper floor already show what it will be like later.

Used furniture for artists
Ianza is looking for materials for his house at flea markets, junkyards and the bulky mull. The owner of a former hotel has left him commodes, beds and other furniture. "I am so grateful", says ianza. Five bedrooms and a bathroom will be set up on the second floor. A gallery will be built in the basement. The stock is almost complete. "All i need is a kiln and a printing press", ianza explains. In order for the project to succeed, ianza needs support.

He hopes that in september he will be able to bury the first artists in his house. For two weeks they should come from romania, greece, bulgaria or france to kleinvichtach. A maximum of ten people could be accommodated. "The artists will work on their sculptures in the garden", says ianza. There should also be painting in the house.

Lanza has another wish. In the romanian town of petrosani, he founded the international foundation "ianza-art-interkultural" BASED. Between petrosani and kleinvichtach a lively exchange should develop. Ianza hopes that this will bring his two hometowns closer together.

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