A charming smile does not have to be expensive

A charming smile does not have to be expensive

A beautiful smile looks good on everyone. Provided that you also have nice teeth. Because with well-groomed teeth, not only hearty laughter is fun. You also look more attractive and are usually more successful in your job. Even though shape and color are predetermined in humans, everyone can do something for their dental care through a tooth-healthy diet and regular dental care.

A charming smile does not have to be expensive

It all depends on the right attitude

A charming smile does not have to be expensive

Everybody can make his life as beautiful and comfortable as possible in the whole area of life. Because you have the opportunity to change your appearance for the better with small tips and tricks.

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Having your teeth embellished with the right dental insurance

Despite regular dental hygiene, regular visits to the dentist are important. Regular dental care at home should be supplemented by regular check-ups. Professional dental cleaning is particularly important.

Nowadays, less beautiful teeth can be replaced by crowns, bridges and implants. However, when it comes to dental prostheses, many people get nervous flutters, because this can be really expensive. To ensure that these measures do not exceed the personal budget, private supplementary dental insurance is recommended.

Statutory health insurances today only cover basic care. They call it findings-related fixed allowances, where predominantly not all costs are covered. The insured person then has to dig deep into his own pocket.

If you opt for gold, titanium or ceramic, the statutory health insurance always pays only the fixed allowance. And those who do not want to use the inexpensive material plastic often have to pay a high co-payment. If, in addition to the dental prosthesis, a complex bone reconstruction is also required, the costs add up immensely.

Private supplementary dental insurance – minimizing costs

With a private supplementary dental insurance you can keep the costs of dental prosthesis low. People who have had to make use of it appreciate this.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • The earlier you start, the cheaper the premium
  • Conclude when the teeth are still intact
  • Choose a tariff without waiting periods
  • Include prophylaxis and professional dental cleaning

Studies show that poor dental health can be an increased risk for stroke, heart attack or diabetes. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to good dental health.

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