A career in finance: this celebrity quintet has it made

A career in finance: this celebrity quintet has it made

We cannot all reach for the stars. But a little bit of squinting is allowed. Especially as a bank and insurance apprentice, because here there are prominent role models, which this way has led to success. We present you five examples of people who have used a classical education in finance as a springboard for the really big career.

1. Banker by tradition: Martin Blessing

Martin Blessing’s career path was mapped out virtually from birth. Both his grandfather and father were successful bankers, so he also completed an apprenticeship in banking. On this basis, he laid down an exemplary managerial career. A few stations: Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank, UBS and most recently Den Danske Bank in Denmark.

2. Sports official: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Older people still know “Kalle” Rummenigge as a soccer player, younger people mainly as a top official. The former Goalgetter became German Champion and European Cup Winner twice with Bayern Munich. As a national player he reached two World Cup finals and became European champion in 1980.

After his active career, Rummenigge was Vice President at Bayern for eleven years before being promoted to Chairman of the Executive Board in 2002. The ex-footballer has been a member of the UEFA Executive Committee since April 2021. Rummenigge acquired the economic know-how for his career as an official as a teenager – with an apprenticeship as a banker.

3. Frequent flyer: Stefan Schulte

Frankfurt Airport is the fourth-largest airport in Europe in terms of passenger volume. The operator is Fraport AG, which has been headed by Stefan Schulte since 2009. Like many other finance apprentices, he combined his training with (business) studies.

Schulte is a professional “frequent flyer”: as CEO of Fraport, his responsibilities include acquisition, compliance, risk management, corporate development and sustainability. He is also president of the German Airports Association, a member of the executive committee of Airports Council International, a member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Post AG and a professor at various universities.

4. Online pioneer: Michael Otto

The Otto Group is a global mail order company. At last count, the trading house posted sales of 16.1 billion euros and employed more than 40.000 employees. Michael Otto can still claim part of this success: As Chairman of the Executive Board (until 2007), the former bank apprentice led the Group into the Internet age – today Otto is one of the world’s largest online retailers.

Michael Otto is still Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Otto Group. However, he now invests a large part of his work and wealth in charitable activities: in 2015, he set up a foundation for cultural, social and ecological projects. Engaged in the World Wildlife Fund and committed to a CO2-neutral transformation of the economy.

5. Laughter insurance: Oliver Pocher

Like some fellow artists, Oliver Pocher proves that an education in finance doesn’t hurt in other industries either. The son of a financial accountant and an insurance saleswoman, he also completed an insurance apprenticeship before becoming a successful presenter and comedian. It was probably one of the few opportunities to make even more money than in his parents’ industry.

What role models do you have?

So you see: an apprenticeship in banking and insurance always helps. Whether you aspire to a career as a TV and social media star, want to get involved socially in a big way, are also a frequent flyer or a talented kicker, or dream of the boardrooms of big companies, it’s high time to get going.

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